Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bento #24

The 'evergreen' sushi! I prepared all the ingredients yesterday and rolled sushi for the bento this morning.

From front to back: Sakura denbu, Kyuri, pickled daikon, crabstick, tamagoyaki, simmered kampyo and ebiko, all laid on top of sushi rice and vegetables.

In the past, I try to sneak in more vegetables into their sushi and I think they have through habit, 'acquired' the taste for it. I don't get anymore complaints when their sushi or sandwiches are loaded with salad or other greens, so it's a good thing to pack food! Three cheers for Bento!


Estee Soo said...

Ur blog is so inspiring. Makes me wanna kick start something fancy for my son's snack box tmrw.

I got so many ideas now. Thks for sharing!!

Bento Pet said...

estee: Thank you for your comments! If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Have fun bento-ing!

.Tia*Ungil. said...

mmm...these sushi looks so yummy! I haven't made sushi for bento yet. This has inspire me to make some, soon!

Bento Pet said...

.tia*ungil: My girls love sushi. They can eat sushi for breakfast, lunch and dinner if it's available!

It's also easy to eat from a bento - almost no fuss. Checked out your site two days ago. Did you post in Palauan or something. Didn't understand the language, is it a native Hawaiian language?


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