Thursday, September 13, 2007

Lead free Bento Boxes

I was blog hopping last night and came across an article alert about plastic containers from China suspected of containing lead. Not one to be paranoid, but I was concerned and I remembered an article I read from Gwendomama which I thought I should share. One of her readers also alerted her on the possibility of lead in the plastic bento boxes that she uses.

Read about how she went on to purchase a test kit and tested the Bento boxes under the Clickety Click line and some others, made in Japan and found that they were lead free! At least I know someone has done some tests and it helps to set some fears aside.


gwendomama said...

hello! so glad you stopped in - my own discovery of bento is new, and was inspired by the desire to go as waste-free as possible in my daughter's lunches.
i did start another blog for her lunches on blogger - GwendoBento - but it is just a baby.

glad the lead testing had benefit to you - and if you ever need to test something, rest assured you can get your own kits quite easily on Ebay.

Bento Pet said...

gwendomama: thanks for taking time to drop a comment! I'd been visiting your site for new bento updates but you didn't seem to have any on bentos. Now I know why - you've got another site! Thanks for informing me, I shall visit after this.

I think I shall check out e-bay for the test kits, thanks for the tip.


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