Thursday, September 20, 2007

My first Blogger Award!!


Sue from Cooking Momster Corner awarded me my first Blogger award!! I am honored and humbled at the same time. Thank you very, very much.

The Cooking Momster Corner blog was the blog that triggered the birth of Bento Pet. I had just started surfing the net and discovered blogging. I visited many Bento sites all over the world and Sue's site was the only local site which had some indication of a Bento collection (which she bought from the US). It was enough to get my adrenaline running wild and Bento Pet sprung into action.

Thank you, Sue, from the bottom of my heart. *gives a bow*

If I may, I would like to share this with fellow bloggers whom I've recently met and whose sites I enjoy visiting.

Terri of A Daily Obsession - Truly an awesome site. Full of interesting recipes and intelligent rantings from a lady who takes pride in her cooking, presentation and her family.

Rita Ho of I'm making notes - A blogger friend whom I have an affinity with. Loved her Merdeka post and t-shirt. Jim Reeves, Cliff Richard and Bing Crosby fan!!! Yeah!!

Tia*Ungil (Tee Ya Ooh Ng Eel) of Bek el Tekoi ma Rokui el Tekoi - A Palaun woman who currently lives in Hawaii and has got into the Bento obsession. This award is to encourage and compel you to keep going with your Bento-ing.

There are so many creative and fantastic sites out there who deserve this award. All of you deserve it and you have received some awesome and deserving ones too.

These 3 people are close to my heart and has lent meaning to my blogging and so to you - Terri, Rita and Tia*Ungil, I Bento Pet humbly award you with this:


Thank you for having made a difference to my blogging days!!

May you have more creative juices to share!! God bless!


meatball online said...


ling239 said...

Congratulations ~ ^_^

Anggie's journel said...

yes.... another creative cooking mom.. !! well done

Tracy Tan said...

well deserved :)

.Tia*Ungil. said...

Oh my gosh, Bento Pet!!!!
Thank you so much. I am ecstatic! This is my first time doing a blog about anything, and I am so happy that someone appreciates my work.
Thank you!

Rita Ho said...

Bento Pet ... Congratulations & A Million Thanks for including me in an elite group. Exploring one's creative juices is a joy but receiving recognition from someone who is already there is indeed an honor. I really appreciate it and am glad our paths have crossed. Listening to Los Indios - You Belong To My Heart - as I write. :)

Bento Pet said...

meatball, ling, anggie's journel, tracy tan: Thank you for being the firsts'!!

You have been very supportive and I always look forward to your comments - good or otherwise also welcome. In that way there is progress and improvements.

I thrive on honesty and that I have encountered with all of you. Thank you and God bless us all!!

Bento Pet said...

tia*ungil: I'm ecstatic because you are ecstatic!! I wanted to share my joy with you because I know how it feels to be so new in what we're doing!!

Keep the Bento's coming!!

Bento Pet said...

rita ho: Congratulations to you too and thank you for accepting the award because you so truly deserve it.

I love the way you write and the interest that you can generate in your blog with the power of the 'keyboard'.

"You belong to my heart" - that was played at my wedding two decades ago!

'spider roll signing off'! Hehehe!

Mer said...

Congratulations on your award!

Bento Pet said...

Mer: Thank you and welcome!!

Terri @ hungerhunger said...

hey, i just got on line (home computer in sick bay,hopefully cured by 2mrw). i'm laughing as i type, both happy n amused with ur award!
THANK YOU VERY MUCH for awarding me (any ceremony?), i'm really honored!i don't have to say how blogging has affected our lives-u know d good n bad-but i must say i'm happy to make many more wonderful friends who share common interests.
congrats to ur award too! u surely r a dedicated mother. i seldom ever wake up to make breakfast (not a morning person) n i just shake my head with wonder at d bentos-so creative n delicious- u make 4 ur girls evryday. I want to award u with this award: Most Dedicated Mom n Splendid Breakfast/Bento Award!

Bento Pet said...

terri: Congratulations and thank you at the same time. Your blog is an inspiration and certainly a standard of it's own.

Meanwhile, still checking your site for updates!!


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