Thursday, October 25, 2007


I had some problem uploading yesterday's bento onto my blog the whole day. I couldn't access the server and it just wouldn't connect!! I don't know what you would do but I was completely stressed and fidgety.

I'm sure for now that I'm an ADDICTED blogger! I checked my computer like a hundred and fifty times for any trace of internet access! I even tried to get 'hooked' onto my neighbour's wireless but that didn't work either. I was calling every known source to try to get my internet access going. No avail and no success. I think I spent more time clicking my mouse yesterday than I do on a normal day.

When I shared with hubs what happened, he grinned and said "Praise the Lord"! Finally my wife has time to do other things! Huh! Very funny I said! But deep in my heart, I knew that he's been really patient with me. I sleep very late some nights either updating my blog or reading in the toilet. I know that's a gross thought for some but that's the only way not to 'kacau' his sleep. I had the *guilty* word hovering my head the whole evening!

This morning the computer could access the internet again. What the heck! I'm still feeling guilty but life has to go on. I just need to prioritize! Yeah! See if I can discipline myself a little. *Sigh, still trying to convince myself *


ilovepearly said...

Yea, I took would feel frustrated if I lost connection or not able to log onto my blog.

Nightwing said...

hehe...i thought i was the only one with internet problem...looks like it was a nationwide thing.

Like u...also tried wireless when LAN line not working...:)

Bento Pet said...

ilovepearly, nightwing: yeah man! no connection like going into some weird withdrawal reaction. Feeling like in limbo and don't know what to do next other than just checking for connection.


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