Monday, October 15, 2007

Spring Cleaning!

The kids are on holiday for a week. No Bento packing but a lot of spring cleaning of the cupboards. I cleared out the cupboards and took some pictures of my ever-growing Bento and accessories collection!

Top, clockwise from left: Shuttle flask bag which contains the flask and three small containers in front together with the white chopstick holder. Next is another red flask with two containers. In front of the red flask are two pink bentos with a movable partition. Next to the pink bento is a double layer red tiffin styled box. In front and side are two sandwich boxes with fixed partitions. (I haven't used them for a long while). The colorful tupperware with the individual sections are good for a Chinese style meal plus two dishes type of Bento.

Above, some of my two tier Bento boxes.

Above, some of my single tier Bento boxes and side dish boxes.

These are the Bento accessories which are in my cupboard. I think that I should stop buying and stocking because suddenly, I realise that there seem to be a lot!

The tupperware right at the top contains food cups and sauce bottles. In front of it are food picks for skewering small bits of food or vegetables. I've got some fancy food dividers on the right and some wiener cutters in the middle. Right in front are some spoons and forks, sized for Bento boxes and on the left top you can see more sauce bottles.

This picture has most of my cutters in two boxes. You can see my limited number of pipping nozzles, some more food divider grass and leaves and some yellow plastic flowers in the front row of the right box. In front of the two boxes are some more side dish and sauce containers. In the front middle is a box of Glad 'rainbow' bags - good for sandwiches. Left is a box of zip lock plastic bags for freezing udon and sorts.
The yellow bottles in the back are used to freeze soba dipping sauces and tempura sauces. Next to them are tea containers. I now officially own six because I love them and are so useful containing my different variety of teas.

I've uploaded pictures of some of the above items in my older posts. While packing I just gathered them together and took these pictures. There are some more knick knacks and loose pieces here and there which I have not sorted out. Perhaps another post.

I'm still working on the Japanese ingredients part II, so look out for it soon!!


Cutie said...

Wow.. you got a lot of nice tupperwares. I love it too. Those must have cost a bomb to you. But I guess you collect it overtime. hehe...

Bento Pet said...

cutie: Most of the Bento stuff I got from the 100 Yen shop cost about RM4.90. Others bought all over and some were presents.

I've been bento-ing since July 2007 so most of my collection started then. It's been a frenzied journey!!

Tracy Tan said...

so big people get to enjoy some little people cute stuff too :)

i am inspired by your blog and actually went to buy my first plastic sushi roll maker from the 100yen shop when i was back all i need to do is to go buy some short grain sushi rice and good vinegar!

Judy said...

So many, where do you store them all? You must have a lot of cupboard space in your kitchen.

Nightwing said...

wow...really a supermom.

Bento Pet said...

tracy tan: Hehehe!! *Secret exposed!* Shhhh.....not so loud!

If you want a quick fix, just buy the ready made sushi vinegar. In the long run it's a little more expensive and not as flavorful.

Bento Pet said...

judy: Hubs said that when he built the house, he built a store room for himself but eventually gave it up for me and my 'barang-barang'. There was a guest room downstairs and that was eventually converted into moi's craft room. I dare not say anymore...! *guilty*

Bento Pet said...

nightwing: No supermom here! Just an expert hoarder!!

kat said...

Hahaha.. I remember when I was packing to move, I discovered I had a lot of stuff too! Amazing how much we can find when we take them all out!

Dancing Queen said...

You sure do have a large collection of bento boxes! Did you say that you only started July 2007? That wasn't too long ago & you managed to collect so many! Wow!

Bento Pet said...

kat: I hope I don't have to move because the last time I did the mover had a little 'nightmare'!

Bento Pet said...

dancing queen: I think I must be the 100 Yen's favorite customer! Not that I get any discounts or privileges from them coz I don't.

Yeah! I started bento-ing recently only that's why I say it's been a frenzied journey!!

WokkingMum said...

WOW! Look at your collection!! My hubby must be very happy I'm not into Bento otherwise I'll be like you! hehe ... Love all you got!

Happy Food Happy Thots said...

Impressive! I have been bento-ing since early this year and ever since, my bento boxes n accessories collection have never stopped growing....:)where do u usually get your bento boxes in singapore? Not many shops are selling them.

Bento Pet said...

WokkingMum: I think you hubby should treat you because you're not into bento!! Hehehe! As I said, Bento is a frenzied journey!!

Bento Pet said...

happy food happy thots: Thanks for coming by. Love to hear from fellow Bento buddies!!

If you have been buying from Daiso and the Hello Kitty shops then that's probably where you'll get the stuff.

You can try the Lock & Lock tupperware series at other large departmental stores.

ilovepearly said...

Amazing collection. I only have 3 so far...hahaha... a long way to go.

BlurMommy said...

wow, very nice stuff! I only have 1 bento box! :(

Bento Pet said...

ilovepearly, blurmommy: If the box is suitable then continue to us it. I kept looking for the right one! I've found it and now I have no desire to buy anymore unless it's more than the ideal! Really don't need so many lah!

The Quilting Pirate said...

wow, what a fun collection!! You have inspired me do this, not because it looks cute but fun :) Wish we have a 100 Yen Shop near me :) I'll have to do some web surfing for my bento boxes.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Bento Pet said...

the quilting pirate: We crafters are all the same. I used to quilt too, then I moved on to scrap booking and then making accessories and now Bento-ing.

I'm sure you will enjoy it! Come back soon with some updates!


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