Friday, October 19, 2007

Swap items transacted!

Sometime in August 2007, I put up some items for swap. I had bought extra wiener molds and some food dividers so I thought that instead of keeping them, I'd look for someone interested in these items and make a swap.

I was in for a disappointment because no one responded. Anyway, weeks later when I was surfing other bento sites, I found "Apple" (she's taking a break from blogging now) who was looking for winier molds. Jackpot! I quickly communicated with her and offered her my swap items. After 'negotiating' , we agreed to make the swap. Fortunately my mum's friend travels Malaysia - Singapore like some people travel on the LRT (very often) and she agreed to do me the favor of meeting Apple. I am so happy to finally own some egg molds!!

I always felt like there was some 'deficiency' in my bento stash. I didn't have the 'infamous' egg molds!!! At least now I own two egg molds, thanks to Apple!! I am so happy. Along with the egg molds she bought me some silicon containers, sauce cups and gave me a fish shape sauce bottle. Thank you very much Apple, I am very happy with the swap. I hope you are too!

This is what I swapped with her. They mold the winier or cocktail sausages into shapes of Octopus, Crab, Tulip and score the sausages for easy cooking.

I am looking forward to Monday when I can begin my bento packing.


Tracy Tan said...

trust the Japanese to take presentation to a new level :)

can't wait to see your next bento boxes with these new accessories!

ilovepearly said...

Crab sausage looks cute

Bento Pet said...

tracy tan, ilovepearly: Daughter #2 tells me that there is a Hello Kitty cult in Japan. Hope it doesn't spread here!!

WokkingMum said...

I have those 2 egg moulds too! Bought not too long ago.

Ah! The tool to make the crab is so handy. I only saw the tulip.

Have fun with the egg moulds. Now you can have fun trying out using egg of the right size. ;)

Bento Pet said...

wokkingmum:I'm terrorized by Terri(a daily obsession) and her adversion to sausages, so now I hardly serve them. You can see that I've not posted any bento with sausages in them.

I tried the egg molds and I had a star less some points and a heart that 'leaked' the yolk.
You are right, need to try out the right sized eggs for these molds. Not as simple as it looks. Did you find the right sized eggs?


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