Monday, November 19, 2007

#2 sent me a message from Genting

#2 left for Genting on Sunday morning. It's a trip organized by her school. Hubs sent her to the 'meeting point' at 8a.m. on Sunday. I was told that a Genting bus picked them up and they were to take the cable car up to Genting.

#2 sms-ed me at every point of her journey to update me even though I didn't ask her to do so. I think it's a habit that she's acquired since young. Hubs and I have allowed her to go on excursions, competitions, music festivals and MPO concerts, on her own with school/music school organizers since she was 9 years old.

I wasn't keen on her going to Genting because of the pollution and advised her to think properly before deciding. I think she wanted to spend some time with her friends before she transfers out of her current school.

I thought that the trip was very cheap - Sunday to Tuesday @RM175/=. Ha! The catch was that, only accommodation and breakfast was provided!

I was amused with one of the sms that she sent me yesterday.

"I jz paid rm15 for a plate of wan tan mee.!!=s so expensive that i have to eat all d vege n 'choong' too.!! Too expensive to throw aside. XD."

Hahaha! I was tickled! Whenever we eat noodles and soup, #2 would pick out all the 'choong' and vegetables and put aside, not wanting to eat them. She would also make a fuss if her order came with the 'stuff' (she calls them stuff) after she had specifically told them to omit.

Well, this is a learning experience. I showed the sms to hubs and he laughed and said that if that were true, he'd be very happy because then she's learnt something from this trip.


JO-N said...

So nice to receive her sms. That's a good habit you have implanted in your children.

So, I can be rest assure that my children will eventually learn too either through the easy way or the hard way.

meatball online said...

u got a smart #2 there!

Nightwing said...

Nice one...good of her to update you..:)

Fox said...

Hi Bento Pet, just wanna leave a note on how much I'm enjoying your blog :) Also a fellow Malaysian but I'm studying abroad in San Francisco at the moment. I'm packing bentos for myself to classes as well. Your kids sure are lucky to have a great mom to pack bentos for them! Everyday I crack my head thinking of what to cook.
It's clear how much you love your kids from your blog...makes me miss my mom back home, hahaha.

sting said...

haha.. that's so cute of her...

Judy said...

Well trained daughter you have there. :)

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

missing u :(


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