Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Bento #20

I prepared the pork for Tonkatsu last night. Tonkatsu is basically a fillet of pork which is tenderized by using a mallet to hammer down.

It is marinated with salt and pepper and coated with flour, egg and bread crumbs, and deep fried. Just like that! This is a popular deep fried (furai category) dish and complimented with a Worcester type sauce.

On the back bento is blanched vegetables and 4 pieces of 'siew mai'.

The one in front contains a bun bought from a nearby deli and tonkatsu. The two sauce containers has tonkatsu sauce and chili sauce for the 'siew mai'.

In another bento, I put some Japanese rice crackers, marshmallows and Panda biscuits for her to snack on. There was also a bottle of frozen orange juice.


Rita Ho said...

Yummy! I can't help but notice how balanced your bento meals always are. :) Is the food hot or warm or cold when you pack? If hot, does vapor condensation occur? and how long does it stay hot or warm?


Bento Pet said...

rita: After I cook the food, I normally cool it down under the fan on high speed! By the time the food gets into the bento box, it's almost completely cooled down so vapor and condensation doesn't occur.

If the food is wet, e.g. blanched vegetables - I leave it on a sieve to drip dry, also under the fan to cool. Some foods from the fridge doesn't require re-heating e.g. the siew mai or Oden.

I normally work within the half hour limit so everything has to be fast, fast, fast.

Some mornings I have three stoves on, cooking multiple food stuff. It's a real frenzy! But I'm getting good at it because I plan out my morning's menu. That is very important.

I hope what I shared has helped. Please don't hesitate to ask!


G @ mommibee.com said...

frozen orange juice, that's a good idea for hot weather :) my hubby said he'd eat home packed lunch if I did it the Bento way (after he had seen ur blog) .. alamak like small boy only!

Bento Pet said...

mommibee: My kids enjoy the frozen juices. Daughter #1, had commented that the juice is still ice-cold by recess time @ about 10.30a.m. and they would want a bottle every day if I allowed them.

I think the variety of foods in small portions are attractive and stimulates the visual, smell and taste buds.

Even though the food may be cold, it's still quite nice, that's the feedback I get from the girls.

You can start simple with a croissant sandwich and some fruits/vegetables and a fried drumstick. Then move on to a little more variety. If you do it once a week first he may be looking forward to eating it more often than you think.

You will need to plan and shop to stock your fridge. Good luck!


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