Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pineapple Tarts

Homemade pineapple tarts!!! Feast! Feast! Feast!!


ka..t said...

Hi Bento pet. Happy New Year!

Was wondering if you could be as kind as to share your recipe for pineapple jam? The one I have just say cook 2 big pineapples with sugar - now how much would 2 big pineapples be?? Not much help there!

Nightwing said...

Ah yo Bento!!!! So nice...:)

So tempting and delicious...:)

sting said...

those tarts are quite big ya :-) very generous...

Bento Pet said...

ka..t: The recipe I use is 'agak-agak'. I'm not one who cook with measurements so you've got to improvise to your own taste as I also don't like my food too sweet.

I normally grate 15 Sarawak pineapples and 7 local half ripe pineapples. After grating, leave in a sieve to drain dry. Measure by using bowls (any type depending on your quantity).

Every six bowls of pineapple to two and a half bowls of sugar. Cook over the fire and keep stirring, add cinnamon and cloves for added flavor.

Good luck!

Bento Pet said...

nightwing: It is delicious! Always have great reviews. The crust literally melts in the mouth!

Bento Pet said...

sting: I love to taste enough pineapple in the tart so I usually roll a generous enough lump to satisfy my own needs!! *Greedy*

ka..t said...

Thanks a lot for your recipe. Will try it out. 22 pineapples, eh? You must be making a lot of tarts!! :D

Bento Pet said...

ka..t: Over Christmas and CNY season, I normally make two batches i.e. 44 pineapples. A lot of 'yan cheng' to fulfill!

Grate until hand also get numb. Luckily I can get extra 'temp' maids to help, otherwise pengsan lah!

Judy said...

I have seen these shaped tarts in another blog. Do you need special cutters/moulds to make the shape?

mimi said...

like those sell in market.... i like pineapple tart but they sell too expensive liao....:(


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