Monday, May 5, 2008


#2 is back to her regular activities and has less complains about the removal of her appendix. Today's bento is made up of left over penne pasta from the weekend. Mushed some salmon and mayo, topped with lots of freshly ground pepper and this tastes like a completely fresh made pasta!

Skewered her favorite fish balls, tomatoes and kyuri. Added a packet of Sniggles clown vanilla biscuits for snack.


sting said...

good to hear that #2 is much better now :-) never tasted sniggles before, if it good? :-)

Bento Pet said...

sting: Thanks for the concern, she seems to have less complaints because she's so busy having to prepare for mid term exams.

Sniggles is good! #3 loves it!

JO-N said...

#2 went for a removal of appendix? Glad she's alright now. My children love pasta and this would be a nice bento if I manage to try it out. BTW, where did you get those cute toothpicks/fork/stick (what are they called)?

Bento Pet said...

jo-n: I bought the food picks in Parkson, Subang Parade.

Pasta! Everyone's favorite!!


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