Thursday, May 15, 2008



These Bento restrictions are getting to me. I wanted to grill a chicken breast for this morning but when I was at Rosary last night, the hostess offered me a piece of ham to take home. Under normal circumstances I would have declined but I thought that it would help solve my 'morning bento' problem so I accepted.

I skewered pickled kyuri, ham and cheese in a skewer. Mixed some mayo, tomato sauce and mustard for a dressing.

In the other box, I mixed some salad and tuna mayo. I forgot to add a dash of freshly ground pepper...sigh!


JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Zomg. The kyuri, ham and cheese in a skewer is so awesome! =)
Lovely bento and with creative foods.

Elaine said...

you are so creative with your bento preparation. Can you be my "sifu" to teach me how. :) Do you get up very early to prepare all these lovely bento?

Bento Pet said...

jerome: Thank you for the compliments. *blush*

Bento Pet said...

elaine: *blush, blush* Thank you for the compliments too, but I'm still trying very hard to be creative with the food which is sometimes limited by choice.

Check out an old post:
It sounds like a lot of work but actually it's more planning and lots of discipline to keep stuff in the same place so that it's accessible and not 'missing' when you want it.

Anonymous said...

Food on skewers. Another hit with my kids. I am looking around for cute picks. Went to 100 yen shop (both Puchong and SS2) as per your recommendation, but you're right, they are cutting down on bento stuff. Also went to U-Parkson and Jusco (you can tell I search through your blog looking for your sources for Bento accessories).

Thank you for a most informative blog.

Bento Pet said...

sharon: Wow! You are really scourging all over for bento stuff!! Now, I try to avoid (not that it works) buying new stuff because there is just no more space in my kitchen.

Picks last forever unless you want lots of variety for young uns! Welcome to the "Bento Frenzy"!!


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