Saturday, May 31, 2008


Four days at a youth formation camp was another awesome roller coaster ride. I've been to so many and sometimes it gets a little predictable, but this one was an amazing eye opener to see so much being achieved in so few days. God is good!

Came back on Tuesday and was sick like a drowning toad! Coughing and croaking with an unceasing migraine. Today, I feel much better after having rested well. Haven't done much cooking as it's holidays but #2 has been quite ambitious and been cooking and baking. Her latest attempt was from my Cordon Bleu recipe book for "Creme Caramel".

When I was her age (16), I remember having a lot of interest in cooking because my mum is an amazing cook. My dad (now deceased) loved "Creme Caramel" and we'd always indulge in buying packets of "Greens" DIY creme caramel. It was an easy method and in a couple of steps, all was ready for refrigeration. It was a fool's proof method of making creme caramel.

Another of my dad's favourite was pandan Chiffon cake. I was an expert at making it and dad would always request me to make it.
It was fun making both the creme caramel and chiffon cake. Family members would rave about how delicious it was. Dad was always my biggest fan!

You see, dad and I had a very special bonding. We got along like a "house on fire". We had the same interests and I was always eager to learn some new stuff or other from all his story-telling. He was a great educator and spent many hours building the bridge of communication.

We went for 'Dracula' movies together starring the great Christopher Lee or 'Kung-fu' type movies starring the famous "Wang Yu, the Shaw Brothers made famous "One armed swordsman!"

We love reading and we love watching TV, music stemmed the center of our souls, food was always the topic of the day, we were each others alter egos.

We never missed the Black & White Minstrel show, Cilla Black, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis on TV. We shared a passion for Jim Reeves, Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby and the list goes on.

When I tasted the creme caramel that #2 made, it brought tears to my eyes. It brought back wonderful memories of the times I used to make adulterated versions of it for my dad and how he had raved on and on and kept requesting for me to make more of it.

I would give the world to be able to serve this to dad now and I know exactly what he would say. "It's delicious girl, go make some more!".

He would have been so proud of me for raising another fine cook-to-be!!


allthingspurple said...

wow..the creme caramel sure looks good !!! Glad you are back. lookng forward to your bento posts when school recopen. sigh... For a new bento addict, i have discovered that there arent many local veteran bento blogs i could read up on.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

...made me think of what my dad loved to eat :(

Emily said...

ahhh hello, Bento Pet, Black&White Minstrel show? Cilla Black? how old are you? Those shows sounds like my decade not yours!

Bento Pet said...

allthingspurple: I'm really glad that there is a growing bento following in Malaysia. I've been busy packing my bento stuff lately and it's ridiculously sinful to stock so much!!! I found things that I've not even used before!

Bento Pet said...

terri: Yup! I always tell my kids to appreciate their dad for as long as they can and thankfully they are crazily in LOVE with their dad!!!

Bento Pet said...

emily: Hahaha!!! I'm as 'young' as I can be!!! Closing on to 50 but the heart's young as 30!! (I hope!). I LOVE the black and white minstrel show!!

KittyCat said...

Beautiful memories :) My late father and I shared a special bond too although not in such "warm" terms as you and your Dad.

He appreciated good cooking too and now, I'm trying to be a good one for my own little family...

Got lots to learn from you

Btw, do you have an email address? I need to ask you something and couldn't find it.

Bento Pet said...

kittycat: you can e-mail me @:


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