Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Passing on some Bento Love

Went shopping with #2 yesterday and got very excited over the stuff in the picture above. Wanted to buy the lovely bento box for my girls but...*thinks, ponders, pause, some more logic thinking* NO!!

Wwwoooow!! I just had to buy it and found an excuse, heheheh, #3's little friend Gabby is celebrating her 8th birthday tomorrow. A perfect reason to buy this bento box to share some bento love!!

I love this bento box because it has a side compartment to keep the fork and spoon. I also got a pair of hair clips and a bag for her. *I'm so tempted to go get one* NO! NO! NO! *No more space*!!!!


Elaine said...

May I know where you buy all your bento accessories and bento box in KL/PJ?

Bento Pet said...

elaine: You can buy them at the 100 Yen shops in SS2 or Puchong.

There's a gift shop outside Shogun in 1U which also has some bento stuff.

In KL you can find some in Isetan, KLCC. The Lock & Lock brand boxes also can be used, these you can find anywhere.

angeline said...


I tried to search @isetan KLCC (supermarket level) before.. can't seem to find any bento stuff.

I even asked the staff over there and they told me they don't have any bento accessories..

Maybe you can let me know the exact place @Isetan KLCC?

I was so desperate that i asked my friend to shop @Daiso, NZ and got her to deliver the stuff to me but cost me a bomb!! :(

Bento Pet said...

angeline: the bento boxes can be found in the stationery section of Isetan.

If you live in Malaysia, Daiso is just next door in Singapore. There are several outlets there.

I just got back from 100 Yen shop and managed to buy some bento stuff. Will post them up soon.

Hope all the above info was helpful.

angeline said...


Thanks for the reply. I really adore the bento that you prepare for your daughters and i am glad that you're posting more on the bento again.. :)

Ya.. i am from m'sia and aware that Singapore has 3 Daiso outlets. It's just that i don't have any plan to travel there and i have a friend who stays in Auckland. So, i just wrote her an email and she sent the accessories to me in just 1 week. However, those items that i need very much like egg moulds, source bottles cannot be found in Daiso when she shopped there.

Think i have to make another trip to 100 yen shop again. Went there before but couldn't find the items. Maybe i am not familiar with the bento accessories too ( i am very new to bento).. so, in the end.. i bought nothing..

I am so glad that i have found your blog. :)

Bento Pet said...

angeline: I'm trying to focus back on Bento again. I've been a little distracted with too many things to do. Nevertheless, bento is still very much my passion. Welcome to the Bento world!!

Check out my old post: http://onabentofrenzy.blogspot.com/search/label/Bento%20collection
for a view of bento stuff that you can use.


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