Tuesday, June 24, 2008

BENTO #86 & # 87

Posting early this morning because #1 is driving the two sisters to school. She's got an early class so that saves me a trip.

#2 stays back till 3.00p.m. for Choir practice and so has two Bentos today. Hers is packed with Futomaki because she insisted for more. The blue break-time Bento contains her favorite Futomaki and two pieces of Gyoza from yesterday's dinner. There is some Gyoza dip in the 'car shoyu bottle'.

In the mustard colored two tier Bento, there is more Futomaki, another cheese tart from The Loaf, some Longan and three chocolate sticks. This time, I didn't forget the Oshibori. I wish I had more co-ordinated Bento sets and accessories but unfortunately they are too scarce to source locally and far too expensive to purchase over e-bay. Personally, I don't believe in splurging on expensive postage.

I think I'm doing pretty well with #3's daily Bento. She looks forward to it and is excited to help pack her food and even attempted to take this photo which I think is pretty good.

I'm really happy that she's bringing decent food to school to eat. It is just that mummy has to work a lot harder and put on many 'thinking caps' for menu ideas!!

#3's Bento is Futomaki laden with Japanese Kewpie Mayo and Sakura Denbu. She doesn't like it any other way. Whenever we lunch at any Japanese Restaurants, she would order 5 hand rolls with her specifications. Yeah! She knows what she wants, and it'll cost something like RM8 each! Same price as a California roll and far more expensive than my set lunch!! I try to avoid Japanese lunches when I'm out with her. Not worth it at all!

I added some chocolate sticks for just in case. #3 accessorized her Bento with the Bento strap, chopsticks and Oshibori.

I quipped - "Hey, you know how to use the chopsticks?" #3 replied - "Hehehe, just to make the picture look nice mah!" That's a 9 year old for you!

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