Friday, June 27, 2008

BENTO #91 & #92

Yesterday afternoon when I brought #2 home, I asked her what she wanted to pack for her Bento on Friday (today). She said "I'll discuss with you later mum. Let me come back from my Chinese Oratory class first". "Huuuhhh? What if we forget and then what are you going to eat?" She gestures with her hand as if to calm me. "Wait till tonight first okay."

So mum just gets into this 'chilling mode'. Late last night when I was planning Friday's menu, #3 comes to me and says this "Mum, tomorrow, just give me croissant only lah." "What croissant? I don't have any croissants left" - I responded. OOoooops! #3 plucker's her lips in surprise. I wanted to rebuttal her about deciding so late but I responded "So how?".

She said simply, just give me biscuits will do. I didn't have the heart to revert to biscuits so I scanned around and rummaged the fridge. I found a packet of Soudough bread and Nutella. Before this, #3's tried Nutella but didn't like it. I told her about the Soudough bread - this is hand made by Wilson from my favorite tea time haunt. #3 likes Wilson because he's young, patient and very friendly with her. "Oohhhh! Wilson 'ko-ko' (a respectful greeting towards an elder young male) baked the Soudough bread. I like, okay I want".

"What so you want to eat it with?" She shrugs her shoulders and smiles at me. "What about Nutella?" I ask her. She looks at me and said "Can I try?" I spread some Nutella on a slice of the Soudough bread and she took a bite..... mmmmm....okay, taste nice, can I have some more for supper, I'm hungry". Bingo!!! Another food item added to her consumption menu!

#3's box is very simple and I can hardly call it a Bento other than the Box that she's asked to use. *shakes head from side to side*.

It's simply Sourdough bread with Nutella and another slice with tuna mayo from yesterday. I wanted to give her a variety and assure myself that she won't go hungry. She asked for her favorite fruits - apples, which I cut into huge tulips and 'apples'. LOL!!

#2's box is a real treat today. I boiled one potato and made potato salad last night. I am sure she will love this. So, in the bottom box I had potato salad, another Kiwi and two pieces of Brandy laden fruit cake. #2 told me that she shared a piece of fruit cake with a friend the last time and she's been raving about it - probably because of the Brandy, I quipped.

In the top box, I skewered halved tomatoes and crabstick rolled in grated cheddar cheese and wrapped in a salad leaf. Added another slice of fruit cake for #2 to share.

I have a busy week ahead. Here's wishing all of you an enjoyable weekend. Cheers!!

I'm having a time of my life with the silicon cups!!!


sting said...

hahaha.. "chilling mode" that's cool :-) having 3 kids sure improve the sense of humor ya.. :-) and thaose looks absolutely delicious..

Shirley said...

those apples look so cute! what did you use to cut them? I've been trying to get my daughter to eat more
fruits and I think those cute shapes may just be what I need to convince her.

Bento Pet said...

sting: Have to keep up with them young ones. LOL! I'm planning to treat myself to some Bento soon.

Bento Pet said...

shirley: I use cookie cutters. Pls check out my old post:
You can see the cutters at the end of the post.

KAY said...

Never really have a choice when it comes to what I want to eat much less to request what I want for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
If I was a kid, those fruits would make me want to eat them.

3lilangels said...

Nice to see #3's consumption menu is expanding. Gives me hope for my picky boy. Really admire your patience and "coolness"...haha

allthingspurple said...

ha ha..only mums can tolerate chilling modes from their own kids.

its really difficult to add to their "only will eat these" list, isnt it?

I am like that too, forever trying to tempt her with new food.

Bento Pet said...

kay: Can't help it with picky kids. You either go to the ends of the earth to cajole them or jam the food down their throats. *Mums are weirdos!*

Bento Pet said...

3lilangels: Every time #3 eats something new, it's like striking lottery for me.

Bento Pet said...

allthingspurple: Spoken like a true blue mum!


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