Thursday, June 12, 2008

Looking for space for my Bento boxes

No Bento today. #2 is the official photographer for the state level Choir competition held in Sri KDU today. We arrived at her school before 7.00a.m. this morning. I am told that she and some of her co-photographers will be going to Sri KDU with the Choir teacher and Choir mistress up to 4.00p.m. I insisted on packing her some chocolate chip cookies and some marshmallows to snack on.


I need more shelves and space! After rummaging and re-packing my Bento boxes, these poor things were left with no space to keep them. I need to buy some more of those plastic drawer type shelves to shove these fellas in.

Don't you just love my Oshibori boxes?? I used to let #3 bring them to school everyday, now #2 has agreed to use the Oshibori packed in the box instead of 'wet ones'. I'm glad I have a couple more for spare.

The box of onigiri and sushi molds below are all packed in a lock & lock box. I tried using them before but it was too troublesome, I prefer to use my hands. The onigiri molds are too large - so says #2. She likes her onigiri the way mum makes them - small and cute! Lol!!

I bought these huge ramen bowls from the 100 Yen shop in Puchong today. I love the colourful soup bowls and the bags too. The 100 Yen shop is having a 20% discount on all items up to 22nd June or something. I have a membership card that entitles me to collect points but I'm not sure if you get the 20% if you're a member or not???

I've watched a couple of those Korean shows and they always have their 'lovestruck couple' slurping over a hot bowl of Korean Kimchi Ramen. Recently I bought some to try and #1, #2 and I have been addicted to the wonderful Kimchi Ramen flavour! Absolutely tasty and satisfactory. I made some for dinner tonight because I was out shopping the whole day and didn't have time to cook! " Shhhh.....not so loud!"


KAY said...

I love the color of the bowls too.
So far I only see 3 shop here that sells bento items but very little and sometimes over price. I only have one plastic drawer to put everything away..haha. Hopefully my collection would build in time.

Lyvvie said...

Bento space! Hard to come by. Here we are trying to have a pukka collection of hot bento booty and it usually ends up hidden in a cupboard. I say put up shelves and show them in all their glory. With directed spotlights.

Yes I love your oshibori.

allthingspurple said...

really? 20% till june 22nd? i'm a member but find PUchong so far. The one in SS2 has limited items and they get sold out pretty fast.

The oshibori are tempting, somewhat akin to using cloth wipe, yea? I use wipe case and cloth wipes a lot cos i cloth diapered my toddler, else i would have used oshibiri too. ha ha.

Bento Pet said...

kay: Where are you? I thought here in PJ, there is even less access to Bento accessories. Thank goodness we have the 100 Yen shops carrying very LIMITED bento stuff.

I've never looked at buying from e-bay an option!

Bento Pet said...

lyvvie: Hahaha!! I like the way you put it!! You are right, I should just replace my Bone china collection with my bento booty. Ahemmmm...spotlights? Maybe not yet??? Don't want to give the husband a heart attack! LOL!

Bento Pet said...

allthingspurple: Yeap! 20% and it's really worth it! I find it tedious to go to Puchong too but like you said, SS2 got no choice or stock!!

They have some new bento boxes but I didn't like them because they were the two sided 'clip lock' type. Very easily get broken.

I bought lots of storage tupperwares and other non bento stuff.

LZmommy said...

Hi Bento Pet

Thank you for dropping by my kids' blog :)Wow! I'm so impressed with the bentos that you have prepared! :)

Just before school holiday, my girl just started bringing oshibori to school too.

I better start arranging my cabinet too! Hub complaining I bought too much bento stuffs :p

Bento Pet said...

lzmommy: Your kids are cute!! Glad you've started them early with bentos. I'm enjoying myself daily packing bentos!!


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