Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Packing and re-packing Bento accessories

During the last holidays, I had some time to re-pack my Bento collection.

I used a 3 tier drawer which I packed some of the Bento boxes.

Tier 1 - 9 boxes

Tier 2 - 8 boxes

Tier 3 - 7 boxes
(The rest of the boxes are still waiting to be packed)

Picks and food dividers

Forks and food dividers

My box of food dividers

All the food dividers and food picks packed together
in a larger container for convenience

My cup and mold collection:

Food cups

More food cups, egg molds, rice molds, etc

Some more food cups, silicon cups, Bento straps, Onigiri cases and sandwich bags

In the box - sandwich bag ties and forks

My cutlery collection:


Cutlery and chopstick sets

More sets

All packed in one box for convenience


Box of cutters

Some more cutters

Some side boxes, sauce containers and Furikake templates.

Cutters, cutters, cutters everywhere!!

All the cutters packed together


KAY said...

wow your collection is huge.

kat said...

Amboi!! Can open shop redy!! :D

Do you want to clear any of your old stocks to make way for newer ones?? :D

I am willing to buy from you if so. I will be back in KL next week. Can I get your contact details from deanna?

Bento Pet said...

Kay: Collection is bigger than what you see! It's getting a little overboard if I can admit it! Hehehe!

BTW I couldn't access your blog. How do I log in?

Bento Pet said...

kat: I'm a collector lah! I'd love to do a swap with you if you want though. You can e-mail me at "petals@streamyx.com"

JO-N said...

Wow, what a collection. I'm planning to browse through ebay and see what I can get from there.

Bento Pet said...

jo-n: Happy shopping~!!

zekerene said...

WOW WOW WOW. ur are the bento queen! haha!

Bento Pet said...

zekerene: Hahaha! You are a Joker?


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