Wednesday, July 9, 2008

BENTO #100

Today, I made myself some fancy sushi. I simply mixed some sakura denbu into the rice to add some color to compliment the carrot.

I blanched some watercress, spun dry them in a salad spinner and topped them with lots of black and white sesame seeds and rolled them up in a Nori sheet. I learnt this from a Macrobiotic summer camp which I attended years ago in US organized by Michio Kushi.

There was some shiba zuke (pickles) and left over carrot sticks.

In the right side box, was an orange and some miso simmered egg plant.

Since I am the one eating it let me tell you how it tasted. The fancy sushi was quite a bland mouth full but it went very well with the strong flavor of the miso egg plant, in fact it was delicious. I also complimented the fancy sushi with the shiba zuke and it was good.

The Nori rolled watercress is a sure win because it's been my favorite for years. The trick here is, you need to spin it very, very dry and allow to air dry for a while before rolling it up. Don't over cook the watercress or else it'll be mushy, it has to be still crunchy - blanch stalk first and then the leaves.

The carrots obviously tasted like carrots - sweet and crunchy. The orange added a nice tanginess to the end of a delicious bento meal.

I like this and I think I shall embark on making bentos for myself. *nods head in agreement* Yeah! It's a great idea!


3lilangels said...

Oooh, that is a fancy sushi indeed. And how befitting for a 100th bento. Congrats, and here's to another 100 more.

delia said...

Hi Bento pet,
Just 'found' ur blog this morning. Wow! you r really fantastic. I also have 3 girls like you. My 1st & 3rd also love japanese food but 2nd likes meat. I hope to learn more from your great blog especially those on making bentos.

Bento Pet said...

dlilangels: Thank you!

Bento Pet said...

delia: Welcome! Please visit and comment again soon. Cheers!


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