Thursday, July 10, 2008

BENTO #101

I've always thought that green and yellow is an ideal match in terms of color? I tried to theme today's bento in those colors.

In the left box is some plain onigiri rice topped with some ume furikake. In between the rice, I slipped in some takuan. I filled the huge silicon cup with Burdock kimpira.

In the right side box, there was a foil cup filled with asparagus, spring onions, beaten egg, shoyu, mirin and mayonnaise - baked in an oven toaster. For vegetables, I had steamed baby corn. I steamed some Japanese sweet potato for desert.

For more desert, I had dried cranberries which I put into the small "froggie" box.

Now, let me share with you how my lunch tasted. The onigiri cylinders went well with the Burdock kimpira, it was crunchy, flavorful and spicy because there was dried chillies in it.

The baked egg was really good. I think the mayonnaise added to it's flavor and this is definitely going to appear in future bentos because I'm sure #2 is going to like it too. The corn was 'ordinary' but the Japanese sweet potatoes were awesome. So, so sweet, as though dipped in syrup!!

The dried cranberries had a tangy taste to it so again, it was a good finish to a simple meal.

I am going to post up the recipes for yesterday's miso egg plant and today's Burdock kimpira. I think they are delicious and certainly worth trying out.

I sent this bento post to Coffee & Vanilla for their Wholesome Lunchbox monthly food blogging event.


nobu said...

when I saw this photo,I was suprized. because I was thinking that burdock is eaten only by Japanese.

By the way, I suppose the sweet potato is for womem. it looks so sweet.

Bento Pet said...

nobu: We have two types of Gobo here, imported from Japan and the local one. Japanese Gobo more tasty and not so fibrous. Sometimes I use it to cook beef - delicious.

Coffee & Vanilla said...

Hi Pat,

Thank you for your entry and I apologize for late reply... your email got lost in my inbox but I found it on time :)


Bento Pet said...

coffee & vanilla: Thanks Margot!


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