Tuesday, July 15, 2008

BENTO #105

For today's lunch bento, I grilled a piece of Cod fish, blanched the same vegetables which I used from this morning and wrapped a lettuce to hold them. There was some rice in the same box.

In the front box, was a slice of pizza, some caramelized ginger and leftover braised vegetable roots. This morning, when I logged in to Biggie's site, I was in for a surprise. She announced that she had reached her one millionth hit. To commemorate her one millionth mark, she has created a page for community announcements of packed lunch blog events & contests.

And she mentioned Bento Pet's Bento Competition! Wow! Was I excited! Biggie is like the pioneer and authority in packing Bento in Blogger world and it's really an honour to be mentioned in her site.

While we're on the subject of
"Bento Pet's Bento Competition", please send in your entries soon. We have approximately two weeks before the competition ends.

Refer details here:


nobu said...

Grilled cod fish is my favorite.
When I was boy, I often ate it.
It is pity that price of cod fish is getting high in Japan.

Some vegetables wrapped with letuce looks delicious. That is good idea.

And I can see some "Konnyaku"!!

Bento Pet said...

nobu: You are right, cod fish IS expensive even here in Malaysia. My kids like it, actually, I like it too.

#2 loves Konnyaku in block form and in noodle form.


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