Thursday, July 17, 2008

BENTO #108

This is #2's lunch today. She is staying back to support her team mates for a College Trophy debate this afternoon at school. After that, she goes for language tuition and I fetch her at 7.00p.m. Long day, so I prepared her a hearty meal.

I used the Thermos flask Bento set and filled it's flask with piping hot miso soup, wakame seaweed and some colorful Fu balls (the same type that I'm including into the Winners Haul from my Bento Competition).

Hot rice topped with black sesame seeds and chicken karaage with a slice of lemon. In the side box was some Chinese cabbage pickle, Tamagoyaki, carrots marinated with sesame oil and sesame seeds and some dried Figs for desert. I had the same for lunch and I truly enjoyed it.

All the bento stuff ready to be packed into the black bag on the left.


nobu said...

Good morning, Bento_pet.
Happy birthday to your daughter.

Tamagoyaki, in this photo is really nice.
Tamagoyaki is one of most popular home made dish in Japan.
But it is not easy to cook.

Bento Pet said...

Nobu: My daughter says "Arigato Gozainmashita".

Today we are going for an Italian lunch to celebrate her turning 16. Her daddy and sister are in Sydney so no party.

Her daddy called her early morning before she go to school to wish her and she's happy.

Tamagoyaki is favorite in this house.

Our Story said...

When u pack the miso soup in the thermos bento set, does the soup spill? I heard tt it's nt a leak proof container


Bento Pet said...

our story: YL, #2 tells me that she's not encountered any leaks so far. #2 says she's careful not to tip the bento sideways in her school bag and she's happy because she enjoys the hot food.

mihoo said...

Happy birthday to your girl.
Your Tamagoyaki is really neat.
I can't make it such nicely.

Bento Pet said...

mihoo: Thank you! We had a lovely Italian lunch of her favorite Ravioli and Tiramisu.

I must try making Ravioli soon.

I think the recipe for Tamagoyaki is very important. BTW, I'm getting together a tempeh recipe for you. Found it in one of our local magazines. Want to try out first.

Thanks for coming by.


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