Saturday, July 19, 2008

So busy today!

Hubs and #1 are expected to touchdown Monday morning from Sydney transit Singapore and then arrive Kuala Lumpur. As you have noticed, I've been hogging the computer and posting multiple posts/day for the last two weeks.

Not only have I been posting multiple posts, I have a Bento competition running which ends 29th July 2008 which also marks my blog's One Year Anniversary. I've also re-packed my Bento gear and currently enjoying a fluid access to all the items.

Today, in between a long and leisurely breakfast, grocery shopping, music class, and blogging, I was busy cooking and preparing for dinner and stock for next week's Bento frenzy.

#2 is going to
KLPac to watch the The All American Boys Chorus tonight. #2 loves singing and since this was a Charity concert she roped in a few friends to go with her.

I decided to make an easy dinner of her favorite sushi!
I simmered the mushrooms and fried the Tamagoyaki. Cut up some avocado and kyuri, topped the sushi rice with surimi crabsticks, Kewpie mayo and viola .....Futomaki!

Our dinner, tonight. Yummilicious!!

I prepared my Bento stock for next week. The picture below show you the ingredients for
Hijiki and aburaage ni. #2 and I love this seaweed dish.

The picture below shows the Hijiki in slow simmer mode. Delicious. When ready, half of it will go into the fridge and the other half will be packed in small containers into the freezer.

I simmered a batch of mushrooms for tonight's futomaki and for future use.

As usual, half way through I will add all the kombu from making dashi into the simmered mushrooms. After that I will cut the kombu into strips and add to the futomaki. It is very delicious. A good way not to waste the kombu.

This is how I pack the cut mushrooms and slivered kombu. The balance of mushrooms, I will leave whole and pack in another box. The whole mushrooms can be used as a side dish in future Bento.

All packed and ready for the freezer.

A busy and eventful day. Looking forward to seeing Hubs and #1 on Monday! Yipeeee!!


nobu said...

Futomaki looks delicious and beautiful!
And I think it is good for Bento.

sting said...

welcome home soon to your hubs and #1! oohh.. I love mshrooms and those are simply delicious looking :-)

3lilangels said...

You had me smacking my lips. Thanks for the step-by-step pictures. Very useful for someone who is just learning to cook Japanese food.

I'm sure hubby and #1 are glad to come back to such delicious meals.

allthingspurple said...

well, i had enjoyed your daily posts in your moment of leisure. ha ha.

hey, thansk for sharing about how you cook Japanese food. I find it so fascinating !

Bento Pet said...

nobu: Futomaki made at home is delicious because can have different type of filling. The kids enjoy it very much.

Bento Pet said...

sting: Thank you. Had a very busy morning and didn't even have time to take photo of the Bento today. Mushrooms are delicious! Will put up the recipe when more free.

Bento Pet said...

3lilangels: Had a home cooked dinner tonight. #1 was raving about every dish. Must miss Malaysian food very much! Hahaha!

Bento Pet said...

allthingspurple: Thank you! I'm no expert at cooking Japanese food but I do cook it very often at home. In fact I prefer to cook it to Chinese.

LW said...

duh... your site always make me drool.. Great site...

Bento Pet said...

lw: You are too kind! Thank you. Appreciate your comments!

JO-N said...

Love those sushi. I'm going to be maidless soon and I hope I can still prepare bento for my children. Any tips? Prepare a week's supply and freeze them?

Bento Pet said...

jo-n: Most ingredients for sushi can be frozen except for the rice and Tamagoyaki. If all else is available, then cooking the rice and Tamagoyaki is easy.

I normally use from the freezer simmered mushrooms, kampyo, crabsticks, kombu and egg roe.


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