Tuesday, August 5, 2008

BENTO #117

I've been surfing the Weight Watchers site for low calorie recipes with no luck! Most recipes would require me to cook the night before to be ready for packing into my Bento a la minute in the morning! Can't work for bento!

I decided to come up with my own 'diet' menu today!

I made some guacamole from this recipe. Added some bread (baked dry) and corn in the left box.

I rolled up carrot strips, thinly sliced ham with peas and baby corn for a light meal of protein and more veggies!
Skewered some papaya and pineapple for fruits.

Hopefully, this is low calorie enough because #2 is stubbornly sticking to her 'diet' decision.
When I went to buy the ham, I asked the man behind the counter to slice the ham as thin as possible. He looked at me and asked again "thinner?" madam! "Yeah! thinner!" He looked confused because I'm the same person who used to tell him to slice the ham thicker!

Oh well! Desperate situations require desperate solutions!


nobu said...

rolled ham,and vegetables are so pretty. you really sliced carrot thinly. looks nice, and oishi so!!

Bento Pet said...

nobu: Thank you!! Running out of ideas for a diet menu!!


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