Tuesday, August 12, 2008

BENTO #121

Again, #2 has asked to skip her break time bento @ school and have one after school. "I'll come back to eat my bento" she says!

I made something more substantial because she would have 'starved' herself over break time.

In the left box is some left over "Sake no Nanbantsuke" (marinated salmon) from last night's dinner and some blanched cauliflowers. The green container contains the vinegared sauce from the "Sake no Nanbantsuke". #2 doesn't like liquids in her Bento because sometimes it spills out onto her school bag and I've learnt to keep her food quite dry.

In the right box there are skewered water chestnuts again. She loved this yesterday and asked for more of it because it's so surprisingly sweet! Initially I tried using the 'cutesy' skewers from Daiso but the water chestnuts split into half because it was too thick. Finally I found these 'dolphin' ones with really fine skewers and it managed to go through very nicely.

Finally, more proteins! Skewered more crabsticks and some nori meat patties.

I ate the balance of the marinated Salmon. Mmmmm...really yummy!

Smilebox recipe will be uploaded soon (I hope!). Been so busy!


allthingspurple said...

yay for smilebox !! I want to try the marinated salmon too. We also do a lot of salmon and I think the kids are getting tired of my 2 ways of cooking it. Bake and poach.ha ha.

3lilangels said...

I love this 'diet' bento. It doesn't make a person feel deprived at all.

Emily said...

Looking forward to the recipes. The nori meat patties - homemade or bought? Looks mighty delicious!

YozoraNiteSky said...

wow.. smilebox is really the way to go and i am really learning so much from you. i finally know how to make tamagoyaki..yeah..

Bento Pet said...

allthingspurple: Coming up!

Bento Pet said...

3lilangels: She loves the Salmon! Finished the bento in a jiffy!

Bento Pet said...

emily: Home made! Simple - minced meat + minced onions + bread crumbs + egg + corn flour + salt and pepper to taste + nori sheets.

Bento Pet said...

yozo: Congrats!! Many people dare not try to make tamagoyaki because they think it's difficult. You are very brave!! Well done!

One tip: If you are packing for Bento, better cook it well, otherwise it is nicer a little under done - but can't keep for long.

nobu said...

I agree. "Sake no Nanbantsuke"
It's good,especialy these hot days.
By the way, I want to drink "Sake" a little before sleep.

Bento Pet said...

nobu: I like warm sake. I tried a cold fruit sake once and it was very nice.

Anonymous said...

Are the water chestnuts fresh or canned?


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