Wednesday, August 20, 2008

BENTO #123

I'm back! Camp was awesome! I was exhausted but I needed to follow up with Emily and the people involved in the Bento Party. We've almost finalized all the details and now awaiting for one final confirmation before we can make the announcement of details!

It's going to be a fun Bento experience!!

Keep your date with us on 6th September 2008 for lunch between 12.00p.m. - 2.30p.m, for the Bento Party!!

#2 is already in Korea. She had 3 doctor's consultation in the five days preceding her departure to Korea and I'm glad to say that she's recovered. We're constantly communicating via SMS and I think on first two days, she missed us and was a little low in spirits.

Since she arrived, she's attended some concerts, master classes and even gone shopping! This morning, she was quite chirpy even though she's still having problems adjusting to the "awful food". (she doesn't like spicy food).

Before she left for Korea, I took her for Korean lunches for her to taste the variety of what she would be eating. We've tried Korean food before but because Hubs is not a great fan, we stuck to Japanese. I took to the lunches like a fish in water, absolutely loved every Korean dish I tried - it was even quite addictive! #2's reaction wasn't as positive but she could still eat. Apparently the local Korean food isn't as exciting.

Some of them had lunch with Professor Chang Hew Won and Professor Panovska Snezona, the organisers of the Piano camp and are now site seeing and shopping in a nearby town.

Two months ago, Benjamin Loh from Singapore was in Malaysia, and #2 had gone under his tutelage for a two hour masterclass. She was looking forward to be able to meet this amazing teacher again.

On this end, it's LONELY!! #1 is quite independent with her college and activities except when she joins the family for meals and Church activities. She's now on semester break and being a homebody, she's either in front of the TV or in her room or furiously icing cakes or cuppie cakes!

Today, she's out for a movie and because we woke up at different times, we didn't see each other. #2 is in Korea and #3 arranged to stay over at her God-brother's house for 3 days! She arranged and shifted all her tuition and piano classes to avail her a gap of 3 days for her hiatus!

This 9 year old is just too independent! After she planned and arranged everything, she informed me and what was I to say? I was too surprised and shocked to stop her! Last night when Hubs came back, he asked me where was #3 and I reported to him the status and he said "let her enjoy herself", well, that's what I felt too!

But, I'm alone in the house with the maid and 5 dogs. I'm cooking 'tongue' again because hubs asked for it several times already. It's not too bad now, quite a simple process.

Meanwhile, I made myself a delicious bento today. I looked in the fridge to scavenge for some food. Initially, when I opened the can of Norwegian Salmon fillets in herb sauce, I didn't know what to do with it because there was so much sauce. I laid a bed of alfalfa sprouts (you can't see it under all the sauce and salmon) at the bottom of the left box. Poured the fillets and sauce on it and cut some lovely white button mushrooms and tomatoes for vegetables.

In the right box, I sliced the corners of a muesli grain bread to dip and eat with the Norwegian Salmon fillet in herb sauce. My mum baked an awesome chicken pie on Monday, which I added to the bento.

Initially, I thought that it wouldn't be enough for my lunch but it turned out very filling and absolutely delicious! I'm surprised at how all the flavors blended and was so very satisfying. The Salmon fillet was really, really good. I bought this at a Norwegian cafe in Ikano .

Delicious! Delicious!!


T3ng T3ng said...

I am New Here!! PassIng Here, Nice TO Meet U all up There!!! I am Bento PPL Here!

Emily said...

Wah, candle light dinner tonight?!!!

Bento looks absolutely delish!!

nobu said...

Oh! It's really looks delicious.

Bento Pet said...

t3ng t3ng: W3lcom3! W3lcom3!

Bento Pet said...

emily: Aiyoh! Candle light dinner with the "tongue" as a center dish? No lah!

Bento Pet said...

nobu: Surprisingly it was very delicious!


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