Saturday, August 9, 2008

My new Bento box

I read Emily's post on her new purchase, I was trilled! I rushed off to Jusco @ 1U and hunted high and low to no avail. Boo hoo hoo! It just wasn't meant to be.

I couldn't do without it. It's a Bento blogger's addiction to MUST have it!! When I got home, I e-mailed Emily and asked if she would help me buy it. She responded immediately and in no time she got this for me!

The wonderful thing about this bento is that it came with an insulated bag.

Isn't it just lovely. I love the baby blue color and surprisingly, I don't own one with this color.

It has two containers. The metal container has a divider and is 350ml in size. The smaller plastic container is 200ml in size and both has it's own plastic cover. The plastic container sits on top of the metal container and is Microwaveable without the plastic lid.

This is how it looks completely covered with a bento strap.

Top view!

I was so tempted to buy some other bento's which I saw in 1U and I'm just too happy that I didn't because I simply love this new bento box! Thank you very much Emily!!! I owe you one!


allthingspurple said...

I got that too !! And another one at 20% off, so it was like RM72 instead of RM90.

Send a staff home today cos she stayed back to help me compile some causepapers due on Monday, so I thought I buy her dinner before I send her home. She wants to get the bento box like hubby's for her hubby's bento (newbie) and was ecstatic to see that one at RM36 (about that?) and I also got myself one. But only got one colour. I was hoping for a yellow.

Yvo Sin said...

OOOH THAT IS SO CUTE I WANT!!! Haha do I need... no! But I WANT! and no stores near me... well I didn't check but I somehow doubt it T_T

Bento Pet said...

allthingspurple: It's nice to have something different. I realize that most of my Bento boxes are similar and this is a breath of fresh air!

BTW where did you get yours from? Isetan?

Bento Pet said...

yvo: I know!! That's why I was dying to get it.

Cheras, where they sell the Thermos, is like the other end of the world! Thankfully for Emily a fellow blogger I met on cyberspace and someone I met for the first time on Tuesday!

I'm soooo......happy!

allthingspurple said...

No, leh. I got it from Jaya Jusco. bUt it's not along the aisle. It was in one of those box thing set up in the centre where you find things going at a good deal . The other one, green one, was found displayed on the shelves. I have been eyeing that one, but it was RM90. With 20%, it seems like its a good time to get one. After all, if I am going to pack bento for my own lunch, I can't be swiping Kimberly's pink Barbie doll and Ashley's pink Hello Kitty bento box everyday. ha ha

Bento Pet said...

allthingspurple: Lucky you! I didn't see anything close! *SIGH*

Anonymous said...

heay I saw this one in kuching. def attractive. I would def have bought it if i have a kid. hehehe...

Bento Pet said...

nee: Lucky you to see it too! I've been looking but cannot find yet! This one bought by fellow blogger!


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