Sunday, September 14, 2008

BENTO #129

This evening, #2 comes back from her weekend camp. #3 asked me to get a bouquet of flowers to welcome her back but I opted to fill her tummy instead.

Welcome back sweetheart! I love you!

The left Bento is a mixed fruit salad consisting of orange, green apple, red apple, green Kiwi and Strawberries. Squeezed half an orange and mixed all the fruits up! Fortunately the orange juice was sweet and didn't require any sweetener otherwise I would have added some honey.

The right Bento contains some fresh white button mushrooms wrapped in cooked salami and plastered with some wholegrain mustard - all kept together with some skewers.

In the other half of the box, I added some flavored Korean seaweed with sesame seeds and freshly roasted Cashew nuts.

This will do for a light snack before we go out for dinner and battle with the "Buka Puasa" crowd tonight at "Mum's place" in Damansara Perdana.

Another angle of the Bento box.


3lilangels said...

#2 should like this. Carbo-free yummy bento.

I am Princess Misha's Mum said...

hmmm .. nice nice bento :) i like the fruits!

Ms. _____ 2 be ! said...

Fruit salad looks yummie.
Nice box too!

Bento Pet said...

3lilangels: She loved it. Must have been very hungry, my girl!

Bento Pet said...

i am princess misha's mum: The fruits are simply put together from what ever is in the fridge and tossed in orange juice. For parties, I normally add some brandy!

Bento Pet said...

ms._________2 be! First time using the box. Really practical!

Emily said...

Oh? I have never eaten those mushrooms fresh (raw?). Nice looking bento box you got there! LOL

Bento Pet said...

emily: Lovely box, thank you Emily. Fresh button mushrooms are best eaten raw with a dressing - delicious!


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