Tuesday, September 16, 2008

BENTO #131

I decided to make my children's favorite sandwich! In the morning's #3 doesn't eat breakfast before going to school but if there is croissant, she'll request for one and this morning was the same. She had one for breakfast, wow!

It's also #1's favorite and a ham, croissant sandwich is waiting for her to come downstairs to be eaten!

The same goes into #2's box today, a ham, alfalfa and croissant sandwich cut into pieces for easy handling.

I also blanched some vegetables (sawi) and tossed them in garlic oil and shoyu. More fresh white button mushrooms with some sesame seed dressing - yummy! #2 asked to toss the mushrooms in the dressing also for easy eating. She says that it's difficult to mix anything in the box because everything is packed so tight.

A closer look at today's bento!


Jess said...

hi, may i know how do you make the sesame dressing?

3lilangels said...

Yum, yum. My kids love croissant too. And I love fresh white mushroom.

I tried packing salad in the bento box and faced the same problem. The box is too small for mixing and tossing. So it's take a forkful, dribble some sauce on before eating. And repeat the steps again. haha...

Bento Pet said...

jess: I bought in bottle form from Jusco!

Bento Pet said...

3lilangels: Boils down to experience in either packing or eating. LOL!


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