Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mamma Mia!

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Yahoo! Mamma Mia opens tomorrow at the cinemas in Malaysia! WHoooooeeeee!

Mum: Mich! Book tickets for Mamma Mia ASAP!
Mich: Cannot book lah Ma! Have to purchase and pay online! But not this week please! Having quizzes and exams all week! *sigh*
Mum: Oh! Okay, next week then! Check your dad's schedule girl!
(checks dad's schedule: Bingo! Monday night!)
Rach: But I have tuition!
Mich: But...err....
Mum: Forget about tuition!
#3: Don't I get to say anything?
Mich: Err....hello?
Mum: keep out of this.
Mich: Mum! I'm still having exams ....!
Mum: Huh? Okay, Okay, Hari Raya then!! *pull a long face* *too long waiting time, Boo!*

Aiyoh! Want to watch movie also have to make so many arrangements! Life used to be so much simpler. Hubs and I will just decide which movie to go to and everybody just follows. These days we have to arrange and re-arrange our schedules just to watch a movie together! *SIGH*

I'm a great fan of ABBA and Mamma Mia starring Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, Stellan Skarsgard, Amanda Seyfried and others is an explosion of ABBA songs namely Dancing Queen, I Have a Dream, Voulez-Vous, and Take a Chance on Me.

ABBA is my generation kinda music and exams or not, we're going to watch that movie!


Our Story said...

I watched Mamma Mia musical play last yr at Esplanade. agree that the songs are great. but find the storyline so-so


Bento Pet said...

our story: You are soooooooo LUCKY! Here I'm dying to watch the movie and you've already watched the musical!!

The musical is only arriving during Christmas time!

*envy, envy!*

3lilangels said...

Your girls are so conscientious about their studies. Many others would have gladly skipped tuition / studying to go for a movie.

Haven't watch movie for ages. (Animated shows with the kids don't count). But will definitely make time for the musical.

Bento Pet said...

3lilangels: When they are teenagers I think they realize their responsibilities better!

YozoraNiteSky said...

those abba songs are evergreen songs.. whichever generations.. and i am also planning to find a few friends to go watch the movie with. the musical? see how first coz the price of the tickets are not cheap :(

Bento Pet said...

yozo: You are right, the price of tickets are quite stiff. Transport is always a problem for me because my husband snoozes at all these events and I'd rather he does that at home.

I think it's going to be in Istana Budaya and during my busiest period - Christmas.

YozoraNiteSky said...

I think for such events, we must organize all girls outings haha.. then if we car pool, then transport will no longer be a problem :D

Bento Pet said...

Yozo: Let's see if we can make a 'date'!

allthingspurple said...

Cant say I am a fan of Abba, but I do want to catch Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan !

Wish my Kimberly takes her studies as gravely as your kids. Its a real reward , isn't it, for your good job in bringing them up. Most kids would be more than happy to skip their classes.

Bento Pet said...

allthingspurple: I face the same issues with #3. Prefer play to study. *sigh*


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