Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More sushi!

Tonight, as in all 3rd Wednesdays we go for our BEC gathering in a nearby home. It's a gathering of neighboring Catholics where we come together in a time for prayer and fellowship. On days like these, each family cooks a dish and brings to the host family and have dinner after prayers.

Tonight, after a long absence, the BEC will savor my signature dish again - SUSHI! The last couple of months have been Chinese food and they've been dropping HEAVY hints about missing my sushi!

My 3 tiered Jyubako from Japan. Love to bring this box for parties!

Wish I had been a little more tidy with the cutting. If the Japanese Chef who taught me sushi saw the way I cut the sushi, he'd have a heart attack!

*I was rushing, chef, sorry!*


Ling's Passion said...

I love your Jyubako. BTW, what did you use as filling for the sushi. Looks delicious.

xX-Chris-Xx said...

I'm there,and i tasted it and to me it's just more than delicious ! I took more than 6 of them >.< ... Hope you'll teach my how to make them someday as i'm a fanatic of Japanese Cuisine ^^

Bento Pet said...

ling's passion: I love the Jyubako too! Filling here is made up of Kyuri (Japanese cucumbers, Tamagoyaki (Japanese egg), simmered shitake mushrooms, Sakura denbu (sweet cod flakes) and Kewpie mayo.

Basically pile up what you like and roll it up! Yummilicious!

Bento Pet said...

xx-chris-xx: Hahaha! It took me a little time to realize who you were!

Thanks Chris! When we meet at your place next, I'll bring more Japanese food and we'll have some more fun!


p/s I'll see if I can find your matcha tools.


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