Thursday, November 6, 2008

BENTO #147

#2 didn't go back to school yesterday because she was exhausted! She was floating in and out of sleep at different times of the day. Woke up at 3.30a.m. to study Chemistry. I was told that one of her team mates didn't even sleep the whole night! Owwww....! In fact they were 'alarm clocks' waking each other up in the middle of the night/morning(????) to study. What desperation!! LOL!!

Today, exams began for six of her debate team mates. The seventh just finished PMR so the final exams doesn't affect her although her fair share of exam stress began earlier!

Yesterday, I asked her if she wanted a Bento for this morning but #2 declined. This morning on the way to school #2 decided she better opt for a lunch bento otherwise she'd be stuck with canteen food and she wasn't up to it as she only finishes at 4.00p.m.

So I prepared this for her lunch. In the left Bento box is rice with her favorite furikake and some chicken fried with red onions, fresh button mushrooms, shoyu and oyster sauce.
In the right Bento box are some sliced Kiwi fruit and a mixed salad with sliced cherry tomatoes and sesame seed dressing.

It feels good to be packing Bento for her again.
#2 sat for 4 exam papers today.

1 comment:

3lilangels said...

Oh my! 4 papers at one go. So tiring. Fortunately she had your bento prepared with much love to nourish her.


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