Wednesday, June 18, 2008

BENTO #77 & #78

Choir practice is off till Thursday, so #2 comes home for lunch. I packed some Penne pasta tossed in Extra Virgin Olive Oil and garlic, boxed some tomato based sauce loaded with fresh button mushrooms and sausages.

I hate adding sausages to my kids meals! Terri, a fellow blogger used to drop comments in my comment box whenever she read my posts on wieners/sausages/franks, about the dangers of Sodium Nitrite - a preservative carcinogen.
Read here!

I'd cringe at buying them after much 'brain washing' from her comments and articles. My kids love sausages and it's difficult to get fresh ones without sodium nitrite and I've been avoiding them for a long, long time. Recently, my favorite 'tea time haunt cafe owner' offered me some sausages to try. It was delicious. Apparently made with more meat, less flour and no preservatives.

I bought some from him and used them in this recipe. I'm sure #2 will love it because sausages has been sorely missed in this household! Thanks to Terri! Seriously! I'm sold to the idea of healthy eating that's why I work hard at cooking wholesome meals for my family.

Lately, #3 has been asking if she too could bring a Bento box to school instead of her regular boring box.

I was happy to oblige and explained that if I had to pack only cookies then there was no use for Bento boxes. I made tuna sandwiches and used some large cookie cutters to cut 'hearts and bear' shapes for her and she was trilled.

In the lower tier, I added some home made chocolate chip cookies which she loves. I'm happy to pack two boxes now and hope it can continue. #3 is a very, very picky eater but we've come to an understanding that she has to learn to expand her taste palette and she's agreed.

#3's Bento box all prettied up and ready to go~!


Emily said...

BentoPet! Admire your finishing touches to this bento box!

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

omg..i want one to bring to work too!

Bento Pet said...

emily: A comment like that can only come from a crafter! TQ!

Bento Pet said...

joe: LOL!! *smiles from ear to ear*

Kay said...

Nicely pack!

Bento Pet said...

kay: I love it too!

3lilangels said...

Hi, where do you get the sausages from? I've got the same concerns about Sodium Nitrite, especially since my kids are still small. Now they think of sausages as party food only...*_^

Bento Pet said...

3lilangels: I get them from a Bakery @ Riana Green Condo in Tropicana.

It's called Millet & Flour and is situated on 1st floor above Domino's Pizza.

They've got great pastries and pretty decent coffee too.

3lilangels said...

Gee, thanks. You sure are a wealth of info.


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