Friday, July 25, 2008

BENTO #112

When #2 saw me preparing Tuna sandwich for her this morning, she exclaimed "I want those cute, cute faces too!" "Huh?, I reply". "You know, those Winnie the Pooh you make for #3!"

"But I don't know if it works for tuna sandwiches, I reply". Anyway, I tried and it wasn't too bad.

#3 brings bread spread with butter and Marmite to school. To humour her, I cut them out with the Winnie the Pooh sandwich cutter which I have. #2 has been eye-ing them but I don't use the cutter for her thinking that it's a little childish. Hahaha! The childishness in her has surfaced and 'cuteness' really does make a statement.

I baked some cup cakes yesterday so there is one in her Bento this morning, there is her regular dose of Vitamin C in the green Kiwi. In the other box lies Winnie the Pooh cut out tuna sandwiches, some sugar biscuits and another fruit and nut bar for after school. There is also a frozen grape fruit roll for treat.

Tomorrow morning I'm off to Curve to get my week's supply of Strawberries. *happiness*
Going to be a very busy weekend ahead, will update next week with more 'happenings'......!


Tarcoulis said...

Hello, I've just discovered your blog and love all the great ideas, cupcake pics (your #1 should be on the Food Network's Ace of Cakes)and especially the Malaysian-isms (lived in PJ for a few years as a kid). My Mom is in KL/PJ at the moment and I emailed her all the locations of 100 Yen stores to hit. I'm just a wannabe bento Mom right now. My toddlers refuse to cooperate and their reaction to anything cute like teddy bear sandwitches is "Aaaaaaah! Take it away!" Love your blog.

YozoraNiteSky said...

Do you get your strawberries from Cold Storage, Ikano? I must say their choice of fresh fruits and veg (plus their seafood) are really fresh. Have a wonderful weekend. I cannot wait for the bento competition results ..haha.. very KPC hor?

nobu said...

Thank you so much for introduceing me and my blog.

Arigatou Gozaimasu!!

Bento Pet said...

tarcoulis: Hahaha! Thank you for your inspiring comments! #1 does have a knack for cake decor but it's all part of a 'hobbyist' passion for now.

Hope your mum can get you the Bento stuff coz it's much cheaper and affordable here if it's available.

Please visit often.

Bento Pet said...

yozo: Actually, I buy local strawberries from Cameron Highlands. The vendor is in front of TIGF every Saturday. He sells cherry tomatoes too!

RM10/= for 3 packs! Cheap and most of the time sweet. It's an excuse for me to visit the flea market too! Hahaha!

Competition - I can't wait either!

Bento Pet said...

nobu: I appreciate what you are doing and your site is really educational. Thank you for the effort!

....and, you're most welcome!

Emily said...

Oh I have not had any sugar biscuits in a long while!

Bento Pet said...

emily: Those biscuits can be quite addictive! I don't know about you but I'm in the habit of biting off the biscuit first and then slowly enjoy the sugared top! Yummy!


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