Wednesday, September 10, 2008

BENTO #129

This morning, I had to send #2 to school because #1's first class at college begins at 9a.m. and I have to send her. She doesn't like to drive to college when classes begin later than 8a.m. because it is near impossible to find a car park and she'd be all worked up worrying about getting into her lectures late. So, mummy comes to the rescue and is chauffeur in times like these.

This morning's bento has a bed of salad sprouts and re-fried chicken bits in potato flour (leftovers I kept from last night's dinner) mixed in kewpie mayo. Some strawberries for fruit.

In the right bento box are some sliced yellow courgette and sauteed sprouts with straw mushrooms, carrots, garlic and oyster sauce. Quite a substantial meal for break time.

#2 has actually stayed away from rice for the last two days! Even at dinner, she avoids it!


Emily said...

The sauteed sprouts mix looks yummy! Strawberries from your usual supplier?

YozoraNiteSky said...

Mm..another winner of a bento from my fav bento blogger :). btw, i have awarded you with a nomination. i really look forward to coming here everyday to learn and admire your bentos. have a great week Pat.

Bento Pet said...

emily: #2 loves it. She's asked me to cook it more often! Strawberries came from 1U and not as red as the ones from Curve! I think not as sweet either because #2 complained about it and says she doesn't want to bring strawberries to school anymore. I had to cajole her and offered to make them into a fruit salad. *sigh* Fussy "Boss"!

Bento Pet said...

yozo: Thank you for the compliments! Thank you for the nomination! I'm grateful!

You have a great week yourself!

Anonymous said...

Your daughter needs to exercise 3 times a week besides dieting cos muscles will burn fat. She also has to avoid all types of fried food but she will need meat and carbo for energy. She can lose weight by dieting only but will gain it back very quickly. This info is by personal trainers at fitness centre which we pay to exercise. We have tried it for 6 months and still working at it. It's true and it works.

Bento Pet said...

anon: Thanks for the advise. Coincidently we were at MPH yesterday and she bought a book on personal fitness through exercise! LOL! I think she's realized it and hopefully begins an exercise regime too.

Thanks again for the info.

Anonymous said...

No problem. Also, ask her to cut off sweet stuff mainly cakes, tongsui, desserts, ice-cream during the first month of dieting. Only once a month if she really likes sweet stuff. Also notice that your bento uses mayo and ketchup, mayo is very fattening. Go for grills or steamed food. She can lose up to 3kg in half a year with exercise and diet.

Bento Pet said...

anon: Hahaha! Actually her so called "diet" (misuse of word) is mainly to maintain her weight so that her new gowns can last a little longer. Can't afford to buy another set otherwise!

She's thin enough as it is but there's always this trend to keep thinner and I don't allow that with my kids. I can be friendly and cajole them but can also be very firm about their weight management.


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