Friday, January 30, 2009

Kids CNY party!

My youngest 9 year old baby had her friends and some cousins over for a CNY party today. I finally had a chance to use quite a number of my Bento boxes!! LOL!

I prepared 12 Bento boxes with the help of #1's God-sister and #2. #1 had last minute replacement class today.

There were tiny puff pastry pizza's, spaghetti Alio Oglio, tuna sandwiches,

nuggets, sushi, mixed salad with sesame seed dressing,

some chocolate sugar cookies, mini oranges and a free flow of Sarsi and Sprite!

The kids tucking into their Bento boxes!!

This was their dessert!

Mini Pavlova!!

The pictures of the Pavlova were quite dark so I edited them!


javapot said...

cool bento party!! your pavalova looks great!

(( K@Y )) said...

Bet she's happy to have a mom like you.

Bento Pet said...

javapot, Kay: Pav tastes better with the reduced sugar and I had fun packing the Bentos!

suesue said...

This is so cute. The kids must be enjoying it. Wishing you a happy NIU year.

I am Princess Misha's Mum said...

waaah .. so much food :) your child is same age as my Misha - well BUT one thing I am sure is that I won't be able to prepare so many bentos for her friends :)

Salute you :)

Bento Pet said...

suesue, I am princess Misha's mum: Want to prepare so many bento must get some help too. But the kids loves the concept and some asked if they could take the bento boxes home too!

L to the Lai said...

I see an old picture of me hmmmmm...can you have this party AGAIN aunty Pat? :D


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