Friday, February 13, 2009

Bento 172

#2 and I are fans of Avocado. But....there are only so many ways one can eat avocado. I'm always on a look out for recipes which includes Avocado.

Whilst browsing some blogs yesterday, I came across this and was immediately tempted. I was at my friendly neighbourhood grocer and noticed over-ripe Avocados! They were selling at RM4.99 per piece. I've often haggled with her over the price of Avocados and this time she let me have 2 for RM5.oo which I thought was a good deal.

I bought two really soft and squishy Avocados. Got home and immediately logged on to look for the recipe. I quote the author of the blog "it's absolutely delish stuff and a real no-brainer to whip up".

Who could resist a challenge like that? I had just baked two fresh loaves of bread which were waiting to be eaten and what more ideal than with this tempting mixture of Avocado and Tuna?

Bummer is, it was a DIY recipe so DIY I did! I mashed two squishy avocados with a can of Tuna in Olive oil (drain the oil), added 1 tablespoon of lemon juice (to keep the color of the avocado), pepper and salt to taste. I dropped the chopped shallots because #2 doesn't like them. It came out delicious, just as what was claimed by it's originator.

I filled part of a croissant with this avocado and tuna paste for today's bento and in the silicon cup, I shredded some very sweet water chestnuts, kyuri, carrots and chopped tomatoes and gave them a good mix around. This deliciously sweet and refreshing mix didn't even need any dressing to go with it! What a healthy discovery!

There was another home made mochi and some more cut jackfruit.



Yvo said...

If you ever get a moment, can you post a recipe on how to make mochi? I've been curious about this recently. I always buy it but it seem like it'd be a lot of fun to make :) Thanks!

Bento Pet said...

Yvo: Check this link:
The temp in the microwave may vary, but I've tried this many times and it comes out perfect all the time. Good luck!

HK Choo said...

Thanks for your tips on avocado, I made this and it tastes good. Here's the write-up with credit goes to you...

One way I would suggest is to make a milkshake using avocado. That was my 1st taste of the green butter fruit, and I had been hooked since then. The link below for your reference:
There are a few other posts on avocado on my blog as well...use the "search blog" function to check on them to help you find more ways to eat the avocado, hope this helps.


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