Monday, March 16, 2009

Mini Quiches

Last Friday #2 helped me make mini quiches, posted from here - Maki's blog @ Just Bento. It was a guest post by jokergirl a.k.a. Were rabbits.

I used the Feta-and-tomato cheese filling and it turned out awesome. It was simple once you have all the ingredients! I trimmed all the bits and corners sticking out of the puff pastry so that the quiche would look tidy and able to be packed into a bento box.

I made 12 pieces and wanted to freeze them for bento packing. I heard #2 tell her elder sister "What bento? It's the holidays already, no need to keep for bento!"

She was telling #1 to keep eating while she was also stuffing her mouth with one more. By the time I got to the table there was these 3 quiche's left!!

Three guesses as to who finished these 3!!


Emily said...

well.... it wasnt' me! LOL!

My! these look yummy!

javapot said...

I love quiche, these look delish.

Bento Pet said...

Emily, javapot: Simple and easy recipe.

Jas Min said...

Can i ask if you made the pastry yourself of you bought them?


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