Monday, March 23, 2009

Ravioli update

Saturday night was a busy night for #2 and I. We worked till past 11p.m. making ravioli. We've been talking and dreaming about making our own ravioli for a long while already but we've never had the time or the enthusiasm. After #2 found a ravioli recipe in her "Recipe keeper" which I bought her, she couldn't stop talking about it and so we went grocery shopping on Saturday afternoon.

I spent quite a tidy sum on the cheeses and ingredients! At one point I wondered if it was worth the effort to make rather than buy them from the supermarket? But this was an interesting experience!

We made the dough with freshly steamed spinach, strong flour, olive oil and eggs.

Rolled out the 'be-speckled' dough.

Putting the Ricotta and spinach filling onto the dough.

Covered the filling with another piece of dough.

The 'roughly' cut ravioli, waiting to dry out before putting into a container and into the freezer.

We boiled a few in salt water to try. The filling was excellent but I thought that the texture of the dough had a little too much 'bite' to it. It wasn't hard but what I have tasted in restaurants are more 'tender'. I was thinking that maybe I should use ordinary flour rather than strong flour? #2 said that maybe we should have rolled the dough even thinner. Honestly, it was already threatening to tear apart so I can't see how much thinner it could get. I think we'll give it another try and see how the dough turns out. The filling is just too good and I'm thinking that it probably makes a great dip too!!


Deana E said...

wow.. i love love ravioli but can't find anyway to buy..nice la you can make ur own. where u get the recipe?

javapot said...

hiya, tks for sharing. Agree that sometimes buying commercially made ones seems cheaper, if not easier! I know ricotta is not cheap. But nevermind, think of it as bonding time with #2.

3lilangels said...

wah, I'm drooling already. Can I invite myself for dinner one night? *thick skinned*

Emily said...

Forget about the high cost! The bonding session is priceless!

I have seen the chefs on TV using the pasta machine for the rolling out......

eilismaura said...

try making the dough again this time use it for fresh spagetti - you can check to see if your flour choice needs changing or not as you can check for different cooking times

Yi May said...

Well, actually these stuff are easy to make, many people don't make them because Malaysian market sells cheeses , berries, etc for such a high price, it makes people loses the enthusiasm to learn to cook.

Bento Pet said...

Diana E: Recipe from the books I bought for my daughter.

Bento Pet said...

javapot: Bonding time was worth every cent!

Bento Pet said...

3lilangels: You are welcome anytime!

Bento Pet said...

Emily: You are right, the bonding time was priceless.

Bento Pet said...

ellismaura: Thanks for the tips! Will definitely try it again.

Bento Pet said...

Yi May: Can't help it because they are not locally produced! The cheeses are getting more and more expensive!


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