Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bento 206

Please anticipate a boring week ahead. Bentos are reduced to strictly vegetables and fruits!
I try to slip in some occasional protein or carbo where possible.

Today you see another lot of US red globe grapes. I bought these on Easter Sunday at Jusco @1U. There were dirt cheap at RM0.99/100g (USD 0.28/100g). I got a bag of slightly over 1kg. Often, seeded grapes are not much of a welcome in my home. The older kids don't like the accidental bites into the seeds and the youngest one can't handle the seeds.

Simply said, I had reservations buying too much even though it was cheap. These grapes turned out so honey sweet that even the youngest daughter enjoys it enough to ask for seconds. The seeds are quite large and there are about 2-4 seeds per grape. It was easy to split the grapes and de-seed them with a small and sharp knife.

There's another half a kilo in the fridge so you'll be seeing them often in this week's bentos! I made a quick fix tuna mayo and whole meal bread sandwich this morning. It was just kewpie mayo, chopped onions, gerkins and tuna in olive oil.

I blanched some asparagus spears and stacked them atop some onion alfalfa drenched in sesame seed dressing. Yummilicious!!


3lilangels said...

I'm on my way to the second bottle of the sesame seed dressing. As you said, it's yummilicious! Thanks for recommending.

Good buy on the grapes. That's my top choice of fruit for bento - no mess!

Tony and Christine Phang said...

is the sesame seed dressing homemade or a particular brand?

SIG said...

I myself do not like grapes with seeds. :P

Bento Pet said...

3lilangels: Glad you liked it. The stock in JJ @1U finishes in a blink of an eye. Saw the shelf full one moment and two days later it was all gone!

I'm down to my last bottle!

Bento Pet said...

Tony and Christine Phang: Please check out this link, the picture is of the bottle is there: http://onabentofrenzy.blogspot.com/search/label/Sesame%20seed%20dressing

Bento Pet said...

SIG: Welcome to the club!

javapot said...

seeded grapes are a little annoying but if sweet, ok lar. like u said Pat, can easily remove the seeds with a sharp knife.


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