Monday, April 27, 2009



Anonymous said...

It's important to understand that drugs that get onto the marketplace undergo a very high rigour of scientific testing via well designed clinical trials to demonstrate its safety and efficacy. This explains why only 5-7% of new drug molecules developed ever sees the light of day (i.e., gets launched into the marketplace), and the average cost of developing a new drug that gets into the market has escalated to USD 1billion, due to more stringent requirements from regulatory bodies all over the world, resulting in more costly clinical trials that need to be conducted to satisfy the regulatory bodies.

And once a product is launched, pharma companies continue to monitor for any post-marketing side effects that occur, and continually update the product insert with any new side effects. But what many people don't understand is that many things can happen by chance, and is NOT CAUSALLY related to the drug, as has been confirmed by the US FDA in this case.

The 2nd video in particular, comparing Gardasil with another vaccine (obviously Cervarix), reported that the number of side effects and deaths quoted are much higher with Gardasil, but it didn't take into account the number of people who've been vaccinated with Gardasil vs Cervarix? Lets say the general incidence is 1%, if 1,000,000 people have been vaccinated with Gardasil vs only 200,000 with Cervarix, of course mathematically the number of side effects and death with Gardasil will be 10,000 vs 2000 with would appear that Gardasil causes 5x more side effects compared to Cervarix but the numbers are grossly exaggerated simply by virtue that more patients have been vaccinated with Gardasil. And it's true, coz Cervarix is not even approved by the US FDA, while Gardasil is in the US national vaccination program, and US is the largest pharmaceutical market in the world.

So it's all a matter of perspective and understanding the scientific evidence, clinical data and experts' opinion, which unfortunately many people may not appreciate nor understand, coz it's always easier to believe sensational stories.

Bento Pet said...

Anonymous: Thank you for your comment. It would have meant something if it were not anonymous.

I posted these You Tube clips for the purpose of creating an awareness of the casualties from the effects of the administration of this drug.

If you noticed, I didn't post any comment on this post because it was not meant to discredit Gardasil.

When I viewed the first video clip which was sent to me by a friend, I was disturbed. I went on to 'investigate' the casualties and was shocked that despite it's growing number, aggressive sales pitches and government mandates have been launched.

As a mother, I had considered Gardasil for my two older daughters. I am just grateful for having received some more information which I then can re-consider the risks involved.

It is obvious that drugs that get into the marketplace do undergo a great deal of testing etc.

But undeniably, there has been cases of unscrouplous manufacturers who have time and again put profit above safety and efficacy.

Lobbyists have Government offices mandate this vaccine for girls to be allowed to go to school! What utter nonsense!

These ARE sensational stories of REAL people who have died or in one way or another been affected negatively by it in a painful manner.

Imagine your daughter or sister in this same sensational situation. Wouldn't you have wanted to be aware of it's risks first?

Anonymous said...

WHO presented their position paper on vaccines on 9th April and recommended HPV vaccine to be included in national immunization program. WHO will only position HPV vaccines as such when the vaccines are safe to be used.

Also, a press release announced yesterday on WHO pre-qualification on Gardasil. Gardasil is the first HPV vaccine to receive WHO pre-qualification.

Pre-qualification aims to ensure that vaccines meet WHO's standards of quality, safety and efficacy, which in conjunction with other criteria, are used by UN and other agencies to make purchasing decisions. Gardasil is now eligible for procurement by United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and other United Nations (UN) agencies, including the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), for use in national vaccination programs.


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