Friday, April 17, 2009

Getting to know Bento Pet

I've always had fun with packing my bentos. I do them at my pace and my way. I'm a MAMA with 3 girls I term 'babies'.

This is a last minute submission because I wasn't feeling well this morning and when I did feel better this afternoon, I donned on my apron and began working on the ONE cooking skill which I enjoy most - SUSHI!

So, who am I? Javapot wants to know.

I am a "Tiger" Mama. By depicting you my Chinese Zodiac sign, you should be able to calculate my AGE! Telling you how old I am shows you that I am comfortable in my own skin. I'm always busy with my 3 baby 'cubs'.

I used my single layer Jabuko box to pack the "Tiger" sushi made up of egg soboro, ground black sesame seeds, simmered kampyo, nori, gamaboko, French bean and Japanese sushi rice.

I stuck "my" eyes a little cross eyed because I'm always dazed and amazed at the things my 3 little cubs do and share with me during our 'after-school' chit-chats.

I'm a free and easy person. I love to eat fruits and vegetables although my eldest daughter will tell you that "I'm ALL about carbs!" The size and content of the "Tiger sushi" is relative to how large I am in reality. *sniggers*

I'm always on the prowl to taste and experiment new food and recipes. Notice my skewered kimchi roll, spring onions with tuna mayo roll and "bunga kantan" (Torch ginger flower) veggie roll?

The 3 tomato heads depict the loves of my life. My husband is missing here because I think if he had to say one thing about "Bento" even if to save his life, he'd be dumbfounded! LOL!

Hope you've got to know me better.

Edit: Added a zoom in picture of the "Tiger" sushi.

Go here to vote for your favorite bento!


javapot said...

Glad u are feeling better. Tks for your entry bentopet. U made it in good time btw :)

I insist on a sushi tuitorial from you soon. Great 'tiger' sushi.

paulineongtl said...

Hi Tiger mum,

You have an awesome creation there. Good luck

arlene said...

Wow nice sushi you have created there. Good luck !!!

shoppingmum said...

This is the nicest sushi I've ever seen! Yaya, I think everyone's interested to see a tutorial from you. :P

Winnie said...

Very nice sushi! so creative of you =)

3lilangels said...

Wow. The tiger maki sure is impressive.

Glad to know more about you.

Emily said...

Clap! Clap! Clap! Wow!!!

confession... I wasnt really gonna join.... cos I only know how to eat currypuff and I also have not located my camera! But Wow! aint you glad you made it in good time!! Remember to thank you when you claim the prize!!

Bravo! Diyana also Tigeress!

Emily said...

aiseh! remember to thank me!

jacss said...

Hi Pat...hey, i'm also a tiger but i think can't be same age kot???
i'm puzzle how u did that tiger sushi...gosh!! so u can start a class now, LOL!! good luck to u!!

SIG said...

Bentopet, do a tutorial on the tiger sushi roll. :P

kel said...

Wow, tiger mama, love ur tiger sushi! Yeah, me too, wanna the tuitorial pls...

Btw, how long have u used to make do this tiger sushi, I remember I used up 1 hour to complete only 1 roll of crab sushi, with all those: 'aiya, not this way!', re-do, 'aiyoh, wrong again!', re-do....

Bento Pet said...

Thank you all for receiving this "Tiger" so well.

Let me figure out how to shoot the pictures in between sticky fingers and get into the 'fine prints' and the host of ingredients before I decide what next?

Good luck everyone who got in to Javapot's Bento challenge!!

Lisa~~ said...

You did a great job on your bento and I'm so impressed with your tiger sushi, amazing!!

Bento Pet said...

Lisa~~: Thank you!! *smiles*

suesue said...

This is cute. I've voted you! Good Luck!


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