Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bento 219

It was a tension filled evening yesterday! #2's computer 'died'! She had all her school projects, activities and all stuff in there and yesterday, the ground 'almost' shook a little! Life has to go on....

This morning's bento had sliced baguette and some home roasted cashew nuts in a corner silicon cup. In the other half of the box was mixed salad with onion alfalfa, corn nibblets and sesame seed dressing.

Yesterday's salad had poor review. #2 complained that it had a 'funny' taste. We concluded that it was probably due to the purple cabbage. It was a rare occasion which I used this and almost immediately there was a negative response. Will have to look for other recipes to use it!

Thank God for some frozen left overs! It ratatouille and hijiki in their individual silicon cups. They still taste great!

This is a picture of the both boxes together.



SIG said...

Your kids are really good... they eat such healthy food.

kel said...

Hi, Pat, u may try chopping the purple cabbage very thinly, let them rest in ice water for a while, drain then mix with other vegie for salad. I tried once with this method for a party, everyone loved the salad.

Hijackqueen said...

As I know, purple cabbage is a bit bitter. Yea, a type of funny taste.


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