Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bento 226 and more updates!

What's happened to idioms like these, which in my days we used and sincerely meant them:

"May the best man win"
- it's
something that you say just before a competition begins which says that you hope the people who deserves to win will win!

"Break a leg"
- Theatrical types are well-known for their belief in superstitions, or at least for their willingness to make a show of pretending to believe them. The term 'break a leg' appears to come from the belief that one ought not to utter the words 'good luck' to an actor. By wishing someone bad luck, it is supposed that the opposite will occur.

Nowadays, and too commonly, when a competing team wins, there seem to be animosity, back stabbing, gossip and complaints. I don't claim to enjoy being on the supporting team of a loosing competitor but I believe in fair play and consideration.

We need to analyse the short comings and contributory factors to the loss and move forward even if we feel victimized. Really, "One man's meat is another man's poison" is as real as it gets!

If we were to dwell on revenge, unhappiness, jealousy, ways to 'bitch' about the winning team or those who were placed above us on the victory rung, then I think we need to re-focus.

Yes! Very sadly, one school is 'bitching' about another over the recent school choir competitions and the one at the Choral festival.

There is childish gossip and accusations about "BRIBERY" which I feel is totally unfounded! I can't stand up and say that the school judges were 'qualified' and guided by some standard criteria of judging or that there is a standard guideline of "Do's" and "Don'ts" in terms of 'creativity' but I'm quite sure that there is no gain in doing so. There is not much exposure for the winning school team in terms of monetary income or lime light other than self posting in a YouTube clip.

Last night, when I fetched #2 from the venue of the Choral festival, she was happily sharing her day's experience with the Professor and sectional leaders who were guiding the participants in a large group choral presentation for the final night's concert. There are about 300 participants for this year's Choral festival and she and some others were selected to make the 10% of a smaller ensemble.

After that, she began to share about the animosity present. I'm just happy to note that she didn't allow all the gossip and back stabbing to affect her and she could stand up to answer to the alleged accusations which were ridiculous and childish.

One of the accusations was that #2 was seen to have left her lunch plate on the table and not returned it to the collection area.

Everybody can vouch that #2 NEVER eats food from the canteen and has for years brought packed food from home. Even last year at the Choral Festival, she brought onigiri for the whole duration at KLPac.

I'm glad that she stood firm in response and defense to the accusations towards her school's choir and that she's not adopted a negative perspective towards what has happened and continues to be a team player sharing her skills and leadership experiences.

I can see that this is really the result of her, participating actively in our Church activities. The exposure to hands-on skill acquisition, spiritual input, team spirit, responsibility, leadership and others has been contributory to the EQ that she now posses.

Nevertheless, #2 still looked forward to another day there at the Choral Festival today and I've simply packed another croissant, salad, ham and mayo sandwich in one box. To fill the gap are two cherry tomatoes skewered together.

In the other box are some cubed apples and some black sesame seed marshmallows!


Emily said...

Black sesame seed marshmellows?!!!

Cindy Khor said...

that's a horrible thing to do and they are demoralizing others so that they could be superior in the competition. that's totally outrages. luckily your gal is really tough. hopefully everything would turn out right for her

KittyCat said...

I love choral speaking competitions too! With the rat race in everything nowadays, I can tell you that it's even snaked into preschool events!

Some people are just TOO obsessed with winning. If there's an idiom I'd love to see the end of is this: "Winning is everything".

You're doing well with your kids :)

Bento Pet said...

Emily: Please UPDATE your blog!!!!

Bento Pet said...

Cindy, KittyCat: These are the challenges of todays youth growing up in a "kiasu" condition.


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