Monday, July 6, 2009

Fund Raiser for a good cause

Over the last weekend, I made Sushi for sale at a fund raiser. I spent a whole week "Shopping". The ingredients had to be purchased at different stores and I had to run around quite a bit before I could get all the necessary ingredients.

In the chaotic hustle and bustle of preparing and cooking the ingredients, I forgot to take lots of pictures. These were the few in between which I took when I 'remembered'!! LOL!!

Kyuri straight from the supermarket.

Kyuri sticks, washed and cut.

45 eggs.

...mixed with this concoction of dashi, salt, sugar, mirin and sake...

...patiently toiling over the hot stove to produce TAMAGOYAKI!!!!


...all cut and blanched in hot water...

Mushrooms slowly simmered in a concoction of water from soaking the dried mushrooms, sugar, salt, mirin, sake and shoyu.

Japanese short grain rice...

All 10 kg cooked and mixed with a concoction of vinegar, salt and sugar.

My sushi stall... where #2 assisted in packing and selling...

...where #1 assisted in rolling the FUTOMAKI for sale.

The basic futomaki roll...

all packed and ready for sale...

The experience? Exhilarating~!!!


3lilangels said...

Wow! Looks like a really big undertaking. Those futomaki are very nicely done. Mine still come out crooked. Your girls are great!

Big Pumpkin said...

Ahhhhhh......I love this step-by-step guide for dummies like me. I've always wondered how these things are made!!!

Diana said...

how super ! you are a brilliant sushi maker !!! must have been a lot of work

Lunch Buckets said...

that's amazing! nice work!


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