Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Birthday!

We celebrated #3's birthday last weekend. She's turned 10 years old. She had about a dozen friends over for the party. Her Godpa gave her a 3' X 12' pool and those who arrived early spent over three hours soaking in fun!

Her two elder sisters made this pinata for her. The little guests had great fun trying to 'break' it to reach the goodies inside!

The pinata from another angle.

Ice-cream and loads of fun food!

Happy birthday darling!


javapot said...

great pinata, happy bday #3.

Sonia said...

The pinata look really good and beautiful, is inside just a ballon? I want to do it when my son turn 10 next year. Anyway, wish your # 3 belated Birthday.

Jess said...

they must put in lot of effort to do it. Nice work.

Anyway, happy birthday #3

3lilangels said...

Happy Birthday #3. The party looked like loads of fun. Cute pinata.

Anonymous said...

muffinman: pinata very creative! love it. by the way, what did you serve to little kids? did parents come as well? i'm having a little party for my 1 yr old, dunno what to prepare for some of his older friends...hehehe


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