Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bento 265

There is lack a of bento posts this week because #2 has exams. Today's the last day of exams so next week we'll be back with more regular bento posts.

This was a dinner bento for #1 for Monday this week. She had back to back appointments and I decided to pack a bento for her.

I made a huge pot of Oden and packed some for her dinner. I used a small three piece thermos bento to keep the Oden hot.

A side box of rice.

An egg from the Oden stock and some garlic fried long beans.

The Oden goes into the thermos flask to keep hot.

All packed and ready to go with a pair of chopsticks in the sleeve of the Bento bag.

Today's Oden has some deliciously fresh clams.

Yum! Yum! Love this dish.


Anonymous said...

I had a look at your lemon curd recipe and left a comment there,but you might not have seen it. Haha!

No worries, I would just like to know how long such a large quantity (of lemon curd) can keep after making,if we don't finish eating them?

Thanks!I love this blog of yours.Keep up the good work!


Bento Pet said...

Anon: Sorry, I really didn't see your comment in the Lemon Curd post.

It's commonly recommended to finish it within 2-3 weeks. It's a health worry if eggs are not properly cooked because of Salmonella risk.

I'm no expert but cooking conditions has to be not only hygienic, but the containers (bottles) has to be properly sterilized and dried to avoid contamination.

I've stored the lemon curd I made for months and eaten them with no food poisoning so far.

I took two considerations very seriously when I cooked the lemon curd because my kids love it. One, I cooked it a little longer (it got thicker, which was good) and two, I washed my hands and utensils well and often.

Thanks for the kind input.

viggie said...

Your bentos always look so delicious. I need to start making them again. I've been being bad and spending way too much money in the cafeteria :(

Bento Pet said...

viggie: I love the new content on you new blog and if you bento - better still!


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