Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Sometime in January 2010, we attended a private party at a Japanese Restaurant. It was a small do for about 50 people. The food was delicious and the company, impeccable!

Just wanted to share some pictures and jot down a memory worth remembering.

Delicious sushi, freshly rolled out. Cod fish baked in soy sauce and mirin in foil trays.

Soft and smooth cawan mushi, potato karoke, kakiage, tempura, over abundance of baby octopuses,

A personal weakness!

Hand rolls ...

Love these too ...


Janet said...

Oh my gosh Bento Pet, the meal & its layout is just too fantastic, envy, envy....

Bento Pet said...

Janet: Actually the chef was very good, the food was prepared just in time for us and everything was very fresh and delicious.


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