Monday, September 13, 2010

Onigiri on the go

Today, #2 travels down south with a college mate and several college staff. Apparently there are scholarship interviews taking place in two states and assistance is required.

#2 still struggles with her braces and asked that I make some Onigiri for her to take along just in case.

The large triangle ones are filled with Salmon and Avocado.
The barrels are mixed with furikake - a variety of beef and chicken.

The top box was packed with a croissant filled with Avocado, Mayo and Salmon.

The croissant cut into three pieces and packed in cling wrap.

A close up of the Onigiri.


Aileth said...

The avocado, mayo and salmon picture makes me drool ^^ i'd love to take a bite on that croissant!

Brittany said...

You are an onigiri pro! :)

kat said...

I bought some onigiri moulds from Daiso. Was wondering if you know what is the Korean equivalent of Furikake? I have a Korean friend who orders Korean groceries from a Korean/Japan grocer and would like to ask her to buy for me. Not sure if she understands furikake, but I'm think there would be a Korean equivalent. Thanks!

Nightwing said...

Helo...long time no r u?

As usual looks great...:)

Nightwing said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bento Pet said...

Aileth: The croissant was delicious, so says #2.

Bento Pet said...

Brittany: Have to, I love Onigiri!

Bento Pet said...

Kat: I don't know if Koreans use Furikake, I've only bought them in Japanese stores. Sorry but I'm really not well versed in Korean ingredients enough to share anything in that context. *wide eyed grin*

Bento Pet said...

Nightwing: My friend! We've been really busy in our own way! Heard you got married...Congratulations!

sandra said...

wow! i've never thought of avocado, salmon and mayo.. sounds like a good combi!!!

but may i ask, do u worry about the mayo spoiling in this humid and hot weather? how do u pack the food then?

paul smith said...

croissant was delicious

Bento Pet said...

sandra: I've been packing food for bento which includes mayo for many years and never had it go bad.

I've made tuna mayo, tonkatsu topped with mayo, chicken mayo, ham mayo, Onigiri filled with 'something mayo' everything mayo...hahaha!

One thing for sure, if it's not in the fridge then it's normally packed for no longer than 2-3 hours before it's consumed,unless it's in an onigiri then overnight also possible.

Bento Pet said...

paul smith: Tell me about it!


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