Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bento 305

I've been trying to find an excuse to bento! Nobody wants a bento...*sigh* (so sad...).

Made this for myself today. It's "nasi ulam", some leftover "perut ikan" and a plum.

A close up picture of this delicious meal. I made the "nasi ulam" out of left over herbs from cooking chicken rendang. I don't have a recipe because I estimate my ingredients but I've linked a recipe in the top for those who may want to try it out. It's quite close to how I do it except that there's no hard and fast rule about using the specific herbs and quantities. I just estimated and improvised and each time, the "nasi ulam" is as delicious!

The "perut ikan" was a 'gift' from mum's Taichi friend. Very delicious and authentic. I haven't learnt to cook it yet. Next project to learn from my mum. *wide grin*.

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