Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bento 12

Daughter number 1 (DN1) complained that she didn't have enough futomaki yesterday. "Mum, can you please try to stuff more into the box tomorrow". Huh? Futomaki again? I asked. Yeah! ...and this time more please... Sweetheart, you want to make my life easy? You can have futomaki everyday!! I said. Hmmm....where does she put all that food?

The round box is for her (there are two layers - 12 pcs) and the one in front is for Daughter number 2 (DN2). I gave them a variety of Japanese rice crackers to snack on. Daughter number 2 is having her pre-PMR tests and feeling quite nauseating. I offered to make something else in case her stomach wasn't up for sushi. She quickly declined my offer and said she'd be fine with the sushi. Maybe it's just the nerves.

My two girls are as different as the sun and the moon. Where tests or exams are concerned, DN1 goes by the Chinese saying: "When the sky drops (or falls), just use it as a blanket to cover yourself". DN2 will work herself into a frantic and stress mode that her body gets affected. She'll be nauseous, her sinus would work up, she'd feel 'sick' all over. I would then have to cajole her and try to change her 'mood' to stabilize her. By the time we reach school, she'd be in a much cheerier mood, like this morning. These days, school is so stressful!


Dr ve Thru said...

Your girls take this to school for lunch? Will it not go off or the rice goes a bit sourish due to the hot weather?

Do you prepare their lunch the night before and put them in the fridge?

Bento Pet said...

I prepare the rice fresh in the morning. The rest of the ingredients are ready the night before. I roll the sushi in the morning - just need to make sure the rice is cold so I turn on the fan on max speed.

My girls eat their bento at 10.30a.m. during break time so it's still quite fresh. So far I've not had any complaints about food going bad.

I try to be very careful about hygiene and cross contamination. I cool down all the freshly cooked foods before I pack them into the bento box.

There were twelve pieces of sushi in the round box I gave DN1. She said she shared with her friends 3 pcs and she finished 9! Thank goodness she's still slim and tall.

No I never prepare their food the night before. I have never tried that. Don't think it'll be nice.


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